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Ayurveda the Science of Life

Vedas are the greatest depository of human knowledge known to mankind. It is believed that these are words directly from GOD and thus normally no author is known.

Ayu means age and hence the section of veda that deals with the science of aging and disease is known as Ayurveda. Vedas go on to say that anything that exists in nature can not be considered in isolation and will be bound by laws of nature. In this context ayurveda approach strongly relies on these general laws and how it can affect our health. And this forms the basis of ayurveda’s approach to diagnosis and treatment. Ayurveda believes that discord (living by violation of nature laws) with nature is the root cause of disease. And thus ayurveda approach emphasizes the correction of systems/processes and not the individual disease patterns (as in allopathy). To summarize this major difference one can go on to say Ayurveda considers you HUMAN (part of nature) and gives you holistic treatment. On the other hand Allopathic approach considers you a scientific device ( Robot) and treats individual symptoms and manifestations, that is the basic difference in the two systems..

Allopathy failed on many counts and billions of people disillusioned with this system have been seeking refuge in alternative therapies. Ayurveda in fact is a main stream therapy has been able to give health and peace to countless people world over. As mentioned earlier, ayurveda considers each individual unique and advices them to live in harmony with nature. Allopathy on the contrary mostly works only to suppress symptoms and allows you to continue to live in faulty ways.

Great sage Charaka said “what patient knows is more important than what practitioner knows. Successful practitioner is NOT one who heals most patients but one who teaches patients to heal themselves”.

Most diseases today are outcome of our modern (stressful) lifestyles. Father you move from nature greater are your chances to suffer complex ailments. Diseases / symptoms are natures way of warning STOP, and ponder what is going wrong? With you/ your lifestyle. Diseases which are outcome of your wrong lifestyle can be suppressed but can never be permanently cured unless the Causes have been eliminated.

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