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Dental Meetings, conferences, workshops

We have worked hard to make this page ONE Stop for worldwide listing of Dental events here, be it seminars, conferences, meetings or expodent/trade fair. See below and click on links to see them all. To get your Meeting listed, Contact Us

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Event Listings... Please email us if you want your event listing here, email to icdr (at)

32nd IACDE & 25th IES NATIONAL CONFERENCE,Gandhinagar, Gujrat, India 23-26 Nov, 2017

Greater NY dental meeting 24-29 Nov, 2017

Telangana State Dental Conference, Karimanagar, Telangana 08-10 Dec., 2017

56TH Maharashtra State Dental Conference, Autocluster, Chinchwad (Pune) 08-10 Dec., 2017

45 Karnataka state dental conf, Davengere19-17 Dec, 2017

Expodent International, Pragati maidan, New Delhi 22-24 Dec, 2017

Annual Dental meeting AEEDC, Dubai 06-08 Feb, 2018

71 Indian Dental conf, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 09-11 Feb, 2018

Idem, SUNTEC Singapore 13-15 April, 2018

40th Asia Pacific Dental Congress, Manila 07-11 May, 2018

Famdent show,Mumbai 08-10 June, 2018

Roots Summit,Berlin 28 June-1 July, 2018

World Endodontic Congress Seoul, South Korea 04-07 October, 2018

FDI congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina 05-08 Sept, 2018

World wide conf and trade listings, month wise ...CLICK HERE


Click here for worldwide orthodontic meeting calender

Dental Research meetings

Big listing of Endodontics events world over

Another excellent sources for dental conferences HERE very good list of Dental seminars particularly international

More Meeting sources, click on event calender on the webpage HERE very good list of Dental meetings/workshops particularly in Asia

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