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About the Institute
  • What is Evidence Based Healthcare

  • Evidence Based Dentistry

  • Free Access to Cochrane Library for Indians 

  • CASP workshop on 12-13 Feb, 2005, click here to download brochure

  • CASP workshop ---pics and report, resources
  • CASP aims to enable individuals to develop the skills to find and make sense of

    research evidence, helping them to put knowledge into practice. CASP's workshops and resources are in three main areas of work which are reflected in CASP's three-arrow logo: finding research evidence, appraising research evidence, and acting on research evidence.

    CASP skills are very crucial to post graduate students. These skills help the students to excel in all the areas of their work and improve overall knowledge and efficiency.

    CASP also helps you to understand

    about Evidence based dentistry which


    * Formulating a well-balanced clinical question

    * Identifying articles with the best evidence that answers the question

    * Critically appraising the evidence to assess its validity

    * Determining if the findings are applicable to patient care and  deciding how to apply them


    • Resources

    Resource and guide for reporting systematic review and meta analysis, CLICK HERE

    Read ebm article in Express Healthcare "Medico's must keep abreast of Evidence"

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