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Best Formula to Always WIN

You have to be in harmony internally and externally, You have many roles

++ Thinking person
++ Talking person
++ Acting person

If all the three above roles are not in harmony, you really have a BIG problem, you think One thing, Speak yet another and act in a still different manner, that is a VERY conflicting situation and will Never allow you to be at Peace.

If above three are in harmony then you should also be in tune/harmony with people around you, Society, nature and Cosmos.

Different types of intelligence

For Worldly affairs your normal inteligence IQ is helpful, to Move and talk to friends Society you need Emotional intelligence,, Social intelligence helps you to avoid acting in ways which which harm or damage society, in addition you need moral intelligence so that you do not indulge in immoral acts, Above All you need Spiritual intelligence (supreme) so that you are in tune with cosmos and its forces and from this point on you will not need anything more. Meditation is the tool which tunes you to Cosmic/spiritual intelligence, Learn Meditation now

Conflict vs Harmony

If you experience internal /external conflict most of the time, life would be a sure misery, secret of eternal peace and joy lies in converting this conflict into harmony. This is the yard stick to know if your meditation is taking you in right direction.

There are trillions of cells in each human body, all work in unison and harmony, else you will not be able to live, conflict confuses and troubles these cells too, and that takes a toll on your health. Harmony on other hand enables you to enjoy excellent health most of the time. Another outcome of harmony is tremendous boost to your mental abilities, harmonised Mind is tremendoulsly powerful and intutive, you would be amazed with ability of Such Mind to solve any problem with absolute ease.

Meditation, prayer, being in company of loved ones etc are all events which make you experience Harmony, and you can see you are full of energy. On the other hand, Anger, discontent, grief are all examples of conflict and after them you feel tired and drained out.

You can transcend only when there is no conflict. In this harmonious moment when body and mind are one, with no conflict, you transcend both. You are neither. Now you are nothing in a sense: no-thing. You are simple consciousness. Not conscious of something, but just awareness itself.

But question is how to tame the mind ? Be mindful of breathing. In Yoga you have to change the breathing process. In mindfulness you have to be aware of the breathing as it is. Just be aware of it. If you can become aware of your breathing, then you can become aware of your thought process; otherwise not.

Those who try to become aware of their thought process directly will not be able to do it. It will be very arduous, tedious. Breathing is the door to the mind. If you stop your breathing for a single moment, your thoughts will also stop. When breathing stops, the thought process stops. If your thinking is chaotic, your breathing will be chaotic. Breathing will simultaneously reflect your thought process.

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