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9 Healthy Reasons to Visit the Sauna

Sauna, Russian bath, Turkish hammam... Even the ancient Romans had their own terms that performed a similar function. How useful can regular visits to the sauna be? First of all, it's not just about hygiene. In fact, there are nine important reasons why sauna can be beneficial for both health and appearance.

1) Healthy skin

After a first visit to the Russian bath, for instance, the skin becomes perfectly clean, smooth, and delicate. Thatís why most Russian girls from international dating sites like so gorgeous. When exposed to hot air, the pores open, the sebaceous glands are cleared, and the dead skin cells and dirt peel off. Heat also has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in tissues, improving the elasticity of the skin.

2) Sauna relaxes and soothes

A sauna is a quiet place where one can relax. Itís perfect for clearing the mind. Itís a source of pleasant warmth that restores peace of mind. When "overheating" the body, you calm down, making all your worries and concerns go away with sweat. This happens not only because of the heat but also due to the serotonin release into the blood.

3) Sauna improves the quality of sleep

Did you notice that after a visit to the sauna, you get tired but in a good way? That's why it's better to do this in the evening. The next morning youíll wake up cheerful, full of energy, and ready for action. The secret is that the sauna has another advantage. It accelerates the process of thinking and improves concentration and attention.

4) Sauna tempers your body

Itís proved that regular visits to the sauna temper the body. In other words, it adapts your body to temperature changes and teaches it to respond quickly to them. Itís because of this that youíre much less likely to be affected by pathogens. Do you need proof? A visit to the sauna improves the blood supply to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, thereby increasing the production of mucus, which contains cells that protect the body by removing pathogens.

5) Detoxification

As a result of the thermal effect, you emit a lot of sweat. Together with it, toxins and other stuff that contaminates the skin leave the body. However, the cleansing effect is not limited to the skin only. Other metabolic products are also intensively removed through the blood and kidneys.

6) Sauna relieves pain in the joints

People suffering from muscle and joint pains are often advised to take a sauna therapy to improve blood circulation and relax the tendons and ligaments. Moreover, when visiting the sauna, your body produces endorphins, which relieve pain and help you relax.

7) Sauna burns calories

A Russian bath or sauna can help you burn calories. The infrared sauna therapy works best, in this case, lowering blood pressure, improving metabolism, helping normalize blood circulation, and increasing the heart rate.

8) Sauna has a positive effect on your nervous system

A 10-minute stay in the sauna improves the motor reaction and coordination of movements. After a 20-minute stay though, your coordination gets worse. The speed of recovery depends on the length of stay in the steam room as well as on the quality of rest. There are also psychological effects of the sauna. Mood and well-being depend in many ways on the type of the procedure, the frequency of visits, the use of additional stimulants, such as a cold shower, for example, and even the design of the interior.

9) Sauna makes muscles relax

After a short stay in the steam room, your muscle tone decreases. Thermal influence also reduces the tension in the muscles, softens the connective tissue, and makes the muscles more elastic.
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