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Please NOTE, NO FULLTIME Courses, only modular and one week courses are being offered at present

Fixed Orthodontics will NEVER be Same again

You must be a FOOL if you are doing fixed ortho without using microimplants anchorage said a world leader in orthodontics, ONE DAY Course in Orthodontic Anchorage with Mini implants..Learn hands on and reduce your treatment time by 50%...CLICK HERE

We offer the best training programs in orthodontics as modular courses for those already in practice and looking for quality training (one to one). Ours is the best practical program in fixed ortho in world. We will get you started with your cases on a fast track, moreover you will learn real secrets of fixed orthodontic only in THIS program. Dr Abu Bakar took orthodontic training in three different programs, but in his own words "Only after attending course at ICDR my learning is now 100%" and I know I can get support whenever I encounter difficulty in any of my cases. Click here to read about modular Orthodontic programs. The orthodontic course includes:

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Voted as the Best course in Rotary Endodontics by Dentist from over 30 countries

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The Endodontic course includes: