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Maximizing the Internet for Children

The internet can be a beautiful learning space for children, but they are also at the risk of being exposed to things that aren't right for their age. Before children are introduced to the internet, the first thing a parent needs to do is ensure that safeguards are in place to ensure that children don't have access to the wrong information on their computer. Following is a list of website which can help you with this.

Making the Internet Safe for Children

Get Net-Wise
Safe Kids
Child Safety on the Internet
Child Safety on the Information Highway

The Best Places to Learn on the Internet

Once the internet is safe, there are plenty of opportunities for the children to play, learn and grow.

KidLink promotes a global dialogue among the youth of the world

Surf the Net with Kids is a wonderful resource for children, covering a vast range of school and extra-curricular topics
Khan Academy contains tutorials for many subjects for students, teachers as well as parents!

Computer Programming for Kids

Technology Courses for Teachers & Students

3D Computer Dictionary

First Aid Tutorial: Mayo Clinic

Free Video Lectures: 25000+ Free Video Lectures from 30+ Universities on 35+ Subjects

National Geographic for Kids
Freebies-- An excellent site for free stuff
BBC Education Zone
Video Math Tutoris obviously the best place for your child to learn or brush up math skills

Online Books
Computer and Beta books:
Virtual library:

Encylopedias see full 32 volumes online- free