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How To deal with a Medical Problem

Medical problems is a way of nature to tell us that something has gone wrong with Body/mind complex and it needs attention. Acute problems get healed without much difficulty in most cases, but in chronic problems you need to do soul searching and find out why have to come to this state.

Times have changed. It pays if you are well informed about your disease/ problem. This will help you to discuss better with your doctor and get the best. The First step towards getting well, is to understand as much as possible about your ailment. There is a lot of free information on the Internet. A word of caution: There are good and bad sites you will come across, be very careful to evaluate and trust only reliable sites. Rule of Thumb: If you are WISE you will not blindly trust your doctor. You will try to understand and learn about your DISEASE, your DRUGS, and TESTS that are advised by your doctor. You should understand Who is most concerned about your welfare and health, its YOU alone and no one else, if you take your own health in a casual manner then you have no right to complaint if anything goes wrong.

More you learn about your body and its ailments and why they tend to happen, you will be able to look for solutions. Taking medications for long term is never a great idea, there is always some way in which you can Choose other ways to heal yourself Alternatives and lead a natural happy and healthy life.

Nice site to start learning about your health issues can be -Trusted health information resource by US National library of medicine has lots of info on health topics, drugs etc..CLICK HERE

Another nice site is by US Dept of health-To find information on over 500 health-related topics, select a letter to view an alphabetical list of topics ...CLICK HERE

To see a free lecture on Consumer health education CLICK HERE

To begin with, look up the Health Encyclopedias  
Rochester-Health Encyclopedia
Medlineplus from US Govt

You can also look up the specific links listed below

Think Before popping pills again

Antibiotics are not always the solution, infact they can ......... ..

Quickly find and learn about your disease condition  at Medicinenet

Find information on medical topics, symptoms, drugs, procedures, news and more, written in everyday language Merk manuel

Disease, Drug or test information at Mayo Clinic 

Learn about your drugs

your body anatomy

For Chronic ailments try Nontraditional treatments

Information for Patients and Consumers about getting diagnosed, having surgery, taking medications and having treatments, and using hospitals and clinics..CLICK HERE

Top 100 List: Health Websites You Can Trust-consumer and patient health information section...CLICK HERE

Consumer Health Resources on the Internet

Cochrane Consumer network-highly rated

Australian Resource on consumer health--Very good www.lifepositive.comAn encyclopedia for complementary therapies

Seeking natural solutions to your health Healthy.Net

Finding good quality consumer health information can sometimes be a challenge. The websites you'll find on this resource guide have been reviewed and selected by librarians to help you find authoritative and good quality health information....Canada resource...CLICK HERE