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Thesis and Dessertations- Literature review

It is vital to maintain the quality of publications in our professional life. If junk is more than real stuff then people would gradually loose faith in scientific publications.

Literature review and library disseration

Quality publications have declined considerably. Several reviews are written on same topic over and over. Plagiarism is rampant. Library dissertations are done in colleges and student has no clue what is the purpose of doing this exercise in MDS. Here are some documents which will be of help in this effort.

Basic guidelines

Literature reviewing for Quantitative study

Literature reviewing for Qualitative study

How to get published in a reputed journal- Excellent paper

How to present a journal club

Journal article review guidelines

How to give a seminar

It is also quite educative to read this valuable paper "Why most published research findings are false?"

It is also worthwhile to learn about standards of Digital Dissertations, it can be helpful in your work. CLICK HERE

Here is a list of Thesis done under guidance of Prof. Sumant Goel, if you need more information on any thesis please e mail to 

  • Prasanna kumar S.G., Goel Sumant: Photoelastic stress analysis of Begg technique. Master Thesis.1983

  • Ratra Navin, Goel Sumant: Quantitative Analysis of Anchorage Mechanics by Photoelastic method. Master thesis.1984.

  • Rani M.S.,Goel Sumant: Functional analysis of Muscles of Stomatognathic system in various Malocclusions. E.M.G. study. Master Thesis 1985.

  • Krishnaswamy N.R., Goel Sumant: Force extension characteristics of elastic chain in Orthodontics. Master Thesis 1986

  • Satish Babu J., Goel Sumant: Comparison of microleakage under cemented orthodontic bands. Master Thesis 1986

  • Sonar Saurabh, Goel S.: Assessment of facial asymmetries in patients with malocclusions. Master Thesis 2000  of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

  • Inder Prit Singh, Goel S.: A cephalometric study of Lingayat population using Natural Head Position. Master Thesis 2000 of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

  • Kiran K., Goel S.: Evaluation of skeletal maturity in Lingayat population. Master Thesis 2000 of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

  • Suggareddy, Goel S.: Evaluation of root resorption in intrusion by modified Begg technique. Master Thesis  1999of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

  • Bansal Manu, Goel Sumant. :RELATIONSHIP OF SOFT TISSUE NASAL FORM WITH THE UNDERLYING CRANIOFACIAL SKELETON - A CEPHALOMETRIC STUDY, Master Thesis  2001of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (full thesis available in pdf format)

  • Kalra Amit, Goel Sumant. : COMPARISON OF RATE OF CANINE RETRACTION INTO RECENT EXTRACTION SITE, WITH AND WITHOUT GINGIVAL FIBEROTOMY - A CLINICAL STUDY, Master Thesis  2001of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (full thesis available in pdf format)

  •  Milindkumar D.K., Goel S.: Comparison of Jasper Jumber and Forsus in correction of Class II malocclusion- A cephalometric study. Master Thesis  2002 of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.(full thesis available in pdf format)

  • Anand A., Goel S.: Comparison of clinical efficiency of three different archwires in initial phase of treatment. Master Thesis 2002 of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. (full thesis available in pdf format)

  • Swamy K., Goel S., : New Paradigm in Anchorage- A clnical study. Master Thesis 2003 of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, study.

  • Reddy H. G., Goel S.: A study of tooth size and arch perimeter in normal individuals. Master Thesis 2003 of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.

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