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Relationship Problems

Reiki Grandmaster Prof. B R Goel says

When you have relationship Problems - keep this in Mind:

  • Relations are part of every human living on this planet. Being social animals, we live our life among several relationships. Process begins as relationship with mother soon after we are born. And then you have other family members, friends, relatives, neighbours, school mates and so onů

  • There can be none who can say he has not faced relationship issues. If you are able to understand certain fundamentals, it might make your journey worthwhile, more peaceful, and enable you to cherish relationships rather than making them source of confrontation, stress and pain.

Expectations out of a relationship is the KEY problem, it is like sowing seeds of problem right at the start of relationship. Close relationships offer comfort, fun, joy and fulfilment. When a relationship is the source of joy/happiness, it is only natural that it will bring its own periods of stress and pain..

Another key issue is the inherent belief that happiness emanates from relationship, this is not in accordance with the natural principles. If you are a HAPPY person you have chances to be happy in a relationship. If you are UNHAPPY you are NOT going to be happy in a relationship either. Many a time you keep changing partners in the hope that NEW partner will be able to make YOU happy, BUT that is highly unlikely in light of the above principle.

Next key issue is BALANCE. This is very important if all other aspects of life and it is equally vital in enjoying good relationships as well. If you always have sense of balance in all your dealings with others, be it friends, neighbours, spouse, kids etc than it will nurture the relations in a positive way and take them in right direction. Daily prayer helps a great deal in achieving and maintaining this sense of balance.

In conclusion same paradigm as discussed above can be said to be true with our relationship with money or other worldly attachments as well.

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