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Are you a Dedicated professional OR you are always looking for Shortcuts ?

"All of our actions, decisions, beliefs, values etc, are all motivated and determined by two forces: pain and pleasure. You may believe that something will lead to pain or pleasure based on your generalisations and perceptions that you have been conditioned with, even if itís not true" (Chris Lyons).

In this way, Dental Industry is doing a great job. They are always trying to convince us that learning is a painfull process and there is always an easiest way to achieve our goals: the simplification of the complexity.

The problem is that most people donít understand what is going on. Effective learning is not an easy task and sometimes can be painfull. But, at the end of the path, you can achieve the pleasure you were looking for. As an example, it is possible to enjoy a Rachmaninoff's concert, however, it is not an easy task to understand the complexity of his composition without a hard, hard work. The same way is thinking about all of details that surrounds our specialty. Most people are always trying to find a shortcut that does not exist in Dentistry and the Multinational Dental companies know how to exploit it. (penned by Marco)

NOW Its YOUR CHOICE, Do You WANT to LEARN Quality Endodontics or chase SHORTCUTS ?

With the CBCT 3D imaging (see mandibular molar below) it should be possible to understand that root canal system is complex, those who say you can clean it with 1, 2 or 3 files are clearly trying to FOOL YOU.

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