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Endodontic Access for Success

First and the most vital step in Endodontic treatment is to design an access cavity which has proper shape, position and extention. The access cavity can make all the difference in success or failure of endodontic treatment. Underprepared access can make rct treatment difficult or impossible to do fully. Over prepared access can compromiste restorability of tooth and its life in the mouth. Use of improper technique can also result in accidents like perforation and complicate the whole treatment.

Proper access with nice glide path can make doing instrumentation a joyride to success. LEARN Proper Endo TODAY LOOK at the PIC below, not knowing proper access is SURE to lead to failure-pic on left is x ray in normal view, pic on right is x ray taken from mesiodistal (it is ext tooth)

Here are resources for you to get started:

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