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Endodontic fellowship from USA

Fellowship is offered to those who excel in Rotary Endodonics, Full form is Fellow of International Academy for Rotary Endodontics- FIARE (USA), may MDS and BDS have already achieved this milestone and added credentials to their name. A Fellowship in the Academy is offered to Endodontists/dentists (BDS are eligible) who seek excellence, have achieved it and can provide the supporting documentation.  

Fellowships are available to Endodontists and dentists(BDS are eligible) who have an active interest in endodontics and whose practice involves a good number of endodontic cases. All Fellows and applicants for Fellowship are expected to adhere to the professional and ethical standards of the IARE, without compromise. Those who succeed, fellowship certificate will be awarded to them. To know more about fellowship and training leading to the same, call +91 94481 91202

Fellowship indicates that you are now able to deliver highest level of Endodontic care based of current scientific evidence. For those who wish to apply for fellowship, it is now compulsory to attend our ONE WEEK programafter which you can begin to prepare cases

You should understand about root canal sytem and clearn each part of it...READ PAPER

Do you have it in YOU ?

Fellowship is an exclusive previlege only for those who really excel in doing Rotary Endo and understand the science, be it MDS or just BDS. This can be seen in the list of select few fellows given below. Unless you are really good you are not going to make it. But we can train you and then with persistence you can master and then apply for fellowship. Please carefully read all the pdf documents given below, particularly "Common Reasons for Rejection". Call or email us if you have any questions and we shall be happy to assist you.

Download fellowship application form

Example Submission For Fellowship

Download fellowship details

Common Reasons for Rejection and link below
Also This LINK

Fellowship fee have been revised CLICK HERE

Hon. Fellowship awarded to Dr. Freddy Belliard of Spain, Fellowship awarded to Dr. H. Shemesh PIC HERE, Dr. Domenico Ricucci, Italy, Prof Paul Wesselink, Chairman of Endodontics, ACTA, Amsterdam CLICK HERE For pic

Congratulations to Dr Rohit Nayar (Noida), Dr. Apurba Das (Assam), Dr. Anup Agrawal (Mumbai), Dr Varghese George (Sharjah,UAE), Dr. Srishti Jauhar (New Delhi) Dr Lekshmi Ranjit (Saudi Arabia), Dr Günther Stöckl (Germany), Dr. Gaurav Vasudeva, Dr Aisha Al Mannai(Qatar), Dr Sonali Kalra, Prof Vasundhara Shivanna, Dr Pardeep Khurana, Dr Harshada, Dr Manikandan and Dr Muneera (Bagladesh) on success, they have been awarded the fellowship.


Chairman: Professor E. Steve Senia, San Antonio, USA

President: Professor Beena Rani Goel, India

Executive Committee Members:

  • Professor Kenneth Knowles, Omaha, USA
  • Dr. William L. Wildey, Dallas, USA
  • Dr. Richard Mounce, WA, USA
  • Dr. Frank Allen, OR, USA

Regional Coordinators:

North India-Dr Rohit Nayar, Noida, India

West India- Dr. Anup Agrawal (Mumbai)

Head Office:
146 Sendero Verde,
San Antonio, TX 78261

India Office:
264 shivabasava nagar
Belgaum 590010
Ph 094481 91202


* All correspondence from India should be routed via Indian office.

First Fellowship awarded to Dr. Knowles (Head of Endodontics at Creighton University School of Dentistry, USA) at Ludhiana conf. Jan 2006, This also appeared as a news item in JOE April 2006, p 384 issue, see it in the pic below

Prof Beena Rani Goel receiving fellowship at the hands of Prof. Steve Senia

Dr. William Wildey receiving fellowship from Beena Rani Goel