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Endodontic tips and hints

Tips for Endodontic/RCT Success
  • Ensure and confirm your diagnosis before starting rct.
  • Look at the crown and radiograph, try to create 3D mental image of pulp chamber, then start your access.
  • After piercing the roof of the pulp chamber, rest of the cutting should be passive to avoid risk of perf
  • Be sure to create straight line access and proper glide path
  • Use liquid EDTA 17% to negotiate tight and calcified canals
  • Keep number 8 hand instruments, also good quality NiTi hand files in your Kit
  • Remember to use rotary only after 20 file is loose in canal
  • It is crucial to do apical gauging with non taper or Hand NiTi instruments
  • Always test your rotary instruments for stiffness, select flexible instruments to avoid canal transportation
  • Use a good quality Foramen/apex locator, digital x ray is a must also
  • Learn to use rubber dam, it is vital for good endo
  • Stay away from marketing gimmicks of sales persons of big companies
  • Learn Endo from a good trainer-try to avoid trainers who are on payroll of big companies, always keep updated with latest research