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Types of Rotary Endodontic Instruments

Are you victim of marketing, Struggling/aspiring to Do Good/great Endo-CLICK HERE

Even untreated case Heals -see pic below, tooth with vital pulp in apical area also will recover more easily, but as a professional you are resonsible to give all patients best chance to HEAL- by doing a complete cleaning..with focus in apical area

pic B after 31 months, crown is breaking down, apical is healing SEE DETAILS

There are over 65 Systems today in market, how they differ, which one will help you get better success ? Here is a list of almost all systems

WHY Protaper is dangerous -they strip healthy dentine and tend to cause more fracture ...CLICK HERE+++++ LINK 2

Most important quality of your Endodontic instruement is flexibility, Test your instrument to determine its stiffness, greater the rigidity of instrument, more chance of breakage and failure- see video below

Now with the advent of CBCT many things are becoming clear. Inefficiency and problems of tapered instruments were not being detected in 2 D radiographs. As you can see in the pic, we have super imposed a popular tapered instrument on a typical root canal. And you can see how it will transport the canal/cause strip perforation because of its rigidity. Please try and test and flexibility of your tapered instrument and compare it to the natural shape of the canal. Tapered system do not properly clean apical area as was found in this CBCT study CLICK HERE

click to see large image

Read about the TRUTH in Endodontics

Single file rotary endo is latest READ ABOUT IT HERE

Its mad world of Rotary Endo, every few years companies make minor variation and change name. We have hard time to keep up with this. But one thing is clear, as of start of 2016 everyone (almost) agrees that taper should be NO more than 04 and attention should be paid to proper apical cleaning.

Single File Systems

XPENDO from FKG-Its a finishing File

OneShape by MicroMega

The RECIPROC Single file endodontics by VDW

Wave-One The Single file endodontics by Dentsply Maillefer Use of Wave One caused more post op pain in triple blind randomised trial ..FULL PAPER

WaveOne Gold Reciprocating Files ....CLICK HERE

NeoNiTi single file system-France(harder surface and a softer core)..CLICK HERE

Tango Endo from EDS Dental..LINK

HyFlex EDM One File NiTi System ..CLICK HERE..Watch Video

ALL THE Rotary Endo Systems

EndoStar rotary endo system from Europe...CLICK HERE


ProTaper GOLD-2014, increased flexibility, CLICK HERE

BT Race-excellent system, biologic and conservative, 3 single use instruments, CLICK HERE

BT Apisafe..Zero taper, superb instruments for Rotary Endo, complements any system to do a more efficient apical cleaning without destroying precious tooth bulk ...CLICK  HERE

Protaper NEXT from Tulsa,**** Download Brochure,**** Tech Guide

LightSpeed-Non Tapered Rotary System

TRUSHAPE 3 D from Tulsa

Tapered systems do have value and should be used with caution with proper understanding of root anatomy, READ THIS PAPER

But Tapered systems do not clean the apex, Coronal and Middle third YES, apical Third NO, (SEM analysis of the root canals showed no differences between groups. Clean dentine surfaces were seen in the coronal and middle thirds, but smear layer and debris remained in the apical third of the root canal with both systems.) Read this paper (neither system could give clean dentine surfaces free from smear layer and debris in the apical third) It is last line in Results para

Twisted File in new avtar as TF Adaptive- uses Reciproc as welll as continuous rotation

Kerr Endo K3/ Quantec, Also see K3 XF XF for extra flexibility

Silk Rotary Endo files from Mani, Japan, 3 diff sets simple, std & complex

S5 Rotary Endo files from Sendoline, Sweden

Profile Rotary files

Prosystem GT - not seen, days of 08, 10 taper are Over

ESX with booster tip - (same as BT Race)

TYPHOON Infinite Flex NiTi files- Not seen in market now

Triniti Rotary 02, 04 & 06 taper

F360 endo-system by Komet- BROCHURE

Endo-Eze Genius Files****TiLOS AET

Endosequence System from Brasseler

Naviflex, Brasseler USA

Alpha system, Brochure and animation

RaCe System has been replaced by iRace and BioRace

D Race System For Retreatment

BioRace System Large Apical Sizes is future

Inverted Taper Rotary system- No more In production ? FKG S-ApeX

Scout Race for curved canals FKG S-ApeX

Prodesign rotary files from Brazil ...CLICK HERE

SafeSider Endoexpress

Endowave from J Morita

Quantec system

Hero 642 Also see Hero shaper and Revo S

V Taper Rotary system

Twisted Files with phase from Kerr Endo

Galaxy File, Diamond coated- Not in market now

Librator from Miltex Endodontics

Mtwo, tapered rotary and Flexmaster 02 taper rotary from VDW

Flexmaster rotary from VDW

Rapid Body shapers

And Now a solution for Breakage of Rotary Instruments ?

Rotary files from Medidenta

GT Series endo files

Vortex Blue-With TO coating-improved Flex.. & fatigue resistance

Pathfile-A new Maillefer rotary Nickel Titanium system for quick and safe pre-flaring

ProGlider- Rotary Glide path file from Dentsply

X Factor files from Clinical Res dental Canada

EndoMagic hornet files

CanalBrush by Coltene Whaledent

HyFlex CM Rotary file by Coltene

Self Adjusting file (SAF)


Retreatment kits

R-Endo from Micro Mega

Protaper Universal from Dentsply

Masserann Kit to retrieve seperated instruments

Endo extractor system

Trans-osseous anesthetic for hot tooth

X Tip anesthesia

Stabident (Fairfax Dental)