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Save money when you travel India/ world

Of course you have conventional hotel booking as a normal way. If you want to see life closely and have spirit of adventure then why not try some of these ways, you save money of course. Word of caution - do your research well. Many general travel sites like Expedia, Makemytrip etc etc also do hotel bookings, in addition here is the listing of special focus sites

For comparing hotel prices from many sites TRIVAGO CLICK HERE

NEWLY started OYO rooms CLICK HERE

Travelpaisa- for India travel





Couchsurfing ####ARTICLE 1, ARTICLE 2

Hospitality club

Get people to stay at your farm to help you

Get volunteers to help and have cultural exchange as well

Useful reviews

What are the other options


FREE HOME Exchange

FREE HOME Exchange for seniors

Hostel stay in Europe can be real fun, to learn more about it ...CLICK HERE