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Travel the World

Travel the World

travel poem This is a poem by legendry poet Ghalib, English meaning is given below

Lets explore this world while we can, Who knows how long we may live

And even if we are alive, how long are we going to remain young.

Travel is inherent to humman nature, that is how we have evolved. Once we established settlements people became attached to their dwellings.

Travel gives you a broad view of world, detaches you from your home and its worries, and broadens your thinking as you experience other cultures and heritage.

People travel for variety of reasons, some of common ones are.. Religion, Fun, Adventure, Culture, Relaxation, Spiritual quest, Nature, History/Archeology, Business/meetings/conferences, or just escape from gruelling life.

When you travel it can be solo (backpack) or group. You can book a tour with company or do your own bookings online. Whatever might be your need, we bring you rich resources here to help you plan and enjoy your travels...CLICK on links on your Right