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Valuable money saving Tips

Travel the World

Tuesday is always the cheapest day to depart and Tuesday/Wed to return. Flying on these days you can save on average £60/Ä80

Book a hotel with free cancellatoin as "safe option" and start looking 48 hours before for some deals like priceline

Do proper research before your trip. Use hotel comparison websites and of course use @Skyscanner to find the best flights

Accommodation: Find the rate online and then negotiate direct with hotel/hostel. Always likely to get the best deal

Take a hike. Walking around a new place is a great way to shirk jet lag and to orient oneself

Use common sense. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Research tours & trips before travel to avoid being conned

Donít buy your travel currency at the airport: terrible rates. Order onlineat a better rate+ collect your money at the airport

Local knowledge is key to avoiding bad deals. Chat to hostel staff for advice on booking tours and best places to eat etc

book as a package deal and try and travel with more people = price goes dow

scrimp on accommodations. I stay in hostels and spend the saved money on meals, transportation, and the actual airfare

Best value destinations of 2016? Would say the Balkans & esp. Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Srilanka