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Mental Peace: Science of Advaita

Advaita Vedanta philosophy is the core of Hindu way of thinking. It basically means ALL is ONE. And that is a fact know to science as well. In duality lies pain and Unity leads to Happiness/Joy. Energy is ALL ONE. To lead a happy life ONE needs to understand this fact and then life will be smooth and happy. When Energy is divided it leads to conflit and misery, unity of energy leads to joy and happiness.

First and formost there is fight between individuals right and left side of brain. Only way to come out of it is to understand that you are ONE, the moment this understanding soaks in you the conflict stops and you experience JOY. Let us take an example to understand. When a person has headache, (dead man do not have headache) It is a part of you that has caused headache and other part of you starts fighting it (you do not like this pain), this leads to division of energy with in you and the agony prolongs. Hard it may appear, be one with Headahce and it will disappear faster.

Second fact to understand that ALL energy in this universe is ONE. This understanding will take you to a still higher LEVEL and you will stop cursing others for your miseries and life will change in wonderful ways.

You get stressed on account of various issues, why don't you ever get stressed about whether the next BREATH will come or NOT, the basis for your very existence ? Think about it.

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