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Tune In to Your Vibrations

Vibrations - the whole universe is full of it. Vibrations are the source of energy and vice versa. Whole universe is full of different types of Vibrations and energy levels arising out of vibrations)

There is always attraction similar to magnets between different forces - there is also flow from higher to lower levels, just like water flows, and electricity flows from negative to positive.

Your actions and thoughts lead to certain type of energy field and different universal forces interact with it leading to the net result and outcome. Thoughts even have colors, anger has red color for example.

Soul is also an energy bundle, based on its coding of Karma it gets attracted to appropriate womb e.g. divine soul goes to good family and vice versa.

Whole universe runs on this basis of interaction of different forces. Strictly looking at it , it is all the interplay of energy and Vibrations only- which could be possible to justify scientifically but right now it appears to be at a plane beyond human logical understanding.

Also another important aspect is the cyclic nature of all events in universe, the reason is understandable in most instances. Energy does not remain in the same form for very long time (time it self is relative) so it changes into some other form.

If one learns to live in harmony with these laws it is possible to lead a peaceful life and attain desirable objectives as well.

Put 2+2 together and you have 4, but if you just try to get four without making effort to put together 2+2 it would be foolish to expect desirable outcome.

Mind (brain) is the only instrument in human body capable of producing and interacting with Vibrations and energies of universe. In a way it is the only instrument which is vital to make this connection. It could be compared to a highly advanced and sophisticated transceiver for communication.

Highly evolved people have the capability to use their brain (mind) for desirable communications to achieve proper results. Most of the paranormal phenomenon may be operated by this mechanism.

Anatomically what is brain becomes a proper mind when it is trained to become a proper communication tool. At this stage it should be possible to generate Vibrations by your thoughts, as you desire to produce suitable results.

You will meet certain person or Guru when you are ready for them- means when your mind has reached that stage it starts beeping - beep beep- and the person at higher plane is able to receive it or you will get drawn to him.

"Think and so you become" is really a very deep message to understand. When you put your heart and soul into something.

When you put your heart and soul into something you want to do, it creates suitable vibes and chances of your success greatly increase- unless there is significant global mismatch.

You would find it very difficult to stand straight on a violently shaking platform. Similarly a brain would not function in a body that is not calm and well functioning. This is the reason why so much emphasis is placed on yoga etc. to tune the body so also a proper diet (no non-vegetarian food) and then begin to discipline mind with pranayama and mediation and with all these mind slowly begins to tune with the universal energies and vibrations.

Intuition is also a pickup of vibrations- initially it is good to combine with logic but in advanced stages it may not be necessary.

Faculty of logic has a very limited reach and can not go very far- it is useful only to a certain stage and not beyond. Problem with us today is that we overuse logic and totally neglect the inner mind.

Also read on ..... (from The law of the new thought-pub 1905)

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