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Electronic Thesis and  Dissertation (ETD) are the present way rapidly being adopted all over the world. India being a information super power should also implement it, and be on the forefront of this technology. This will tremendously boost our research quality because everyone will be able to access each other's work with ease.

Please think what happens to our research today. In karnataka alone, there are about 1000 thesis done each year  by medical and dental post graduates. Its a pity that so much of time spent by our students is not put to productive use. As all students today type thesis on computer it is very easy to put them in digital format. Think about it and I am sure you will act. If a professor and his student know that their research is worthwhile -they surely want more exposure to it.

Directors of DDF Dr. Goel and Dr. Beena Rani visited UWV libraries to learn more about ETDs, here is the pic and brief. To access their PowerPoint presentation delivered at UWV click here

WE HAVE taken 400 MB space and will host our dissertations ONLINE shortly

You can also see more than 100 digital disserations on dentistry

To read more and learn about Digital Dissertations See this bibliography

To learn more about ETD Click on one of the links below:

What is a Electronic Thesis and  Dissertation (ETD)

I am afraid, others will copy or modify my work and call it its own

Ask for a sample copy of ETD

More questions about ETD

How to write a thesis

For many people concern is plagiarism, did you know that it is easier to detect and prevent it in electronic format. Want to know more lookup and

And for preventing website plagiarism there is excellent resource

ETDs are dissertations and theses prepared for submission as text-based Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files.  ETDs can contain non-text elements that cannot be incorporated into traditional hard-copy theses and dissertations.  Multimedia, sound, video, and hypertext links can be included to expand and deepen the expression of ideas and the presentation of research. Importantly, ETDs give broader exposure to graduate student research. It also promotes better research because of better exchange.

We have adopted technology for making digital dissertations. Our main areas of interest is in medical and allied subjects. Completed dissertations can be found on this site.



  1. ETD is Just like printed thesis and follows current e paper format.
  2. Hundreds of people can read it without spoiling it.
  3. It saves paper and storage space.
  4. Easy to store and exchange but it has all security features.
  5. It can be Fully protected.
  6. You can protect it so that no one can even open it without password.
  7. You can also prevent copy/paste, print or save so that no one can do anything with it, but of course they can just read it.
  8. People will be afraid to copy as they would know that people will have access to his work also.
  9. This will become possible only if every university makes it compulsory for all students to submit a copy of their thesis in digital format and post on their website.



Meanwhile following thesis are available in digital format

To get a copy e mail to 

Please make sure that you can receive a file of about one MB in your e mail or we can mail it on a CD at your cost.

  • Bansal Manu, Goel Sumant. :RELATIONSHIP OF SOFT TISSUE NASAL FORM WITH THE UNDERLYING CRANIOFACIAL SKELETON - A CEPHALOMETRIC STUDY, Master Thesis  2001  of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (full thesis available in pdf format),

  • Kalra Amit, Goel Sumant. : COMPARISON OF RATE OF CANINE RETRACTION INTO RECENT EXTRACTION SITE, WITH AND WITHOUT GINGIVAL FIBEROTOMY - A CLINICAL STUDY, Master Thesis  2001  of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (full thesis available in pdf format)

  •  Milindkumar D.K., Goel S.: Comparison of Jasper Jumber and Forsus in correction of Class II malocclusion- A cephalometric study Master Thesis  2002  of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.(full thesis available in pdf format)

  • Anand A., Goel S.: Comparison of clinical efficiency of three different archwires in initial phase of treatment. Master Thesis  2002  of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. (full thesis available in pdf format)


See more thesis topics

For getting a copy or for further info e mail to

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