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Microimplant/Skeletal Anchorage/Temporary Anchorage devices in orthodontics

Anchorage problems have given us many sleepless nights, have compromised results in many cases and lead to many case failures. Not ANYMORE, now the REVOLUTION has begun with the introduction of implant screws or temporary anchorage devices. And now there is enought research to support it, read on or click on the link on right

We have compiled this excellent resource for you so that you can start always achieving excellent results and enjoy full professional satisfaction that you have been able to give your best to the patients. And BEST thing is that these devices are ALMOST FREE and take few seconds to place in patients mouth. If you are smart you will jump at such fantastic opportunity. If you want more info e mail me or if you want a LIVE DEMO/WORKSHOP email to .

Please visit all the pages in this section by clicking on all the links to learn this excellent new modality. Our technique is quite simple, you do not need to spend in costly kits or devices. You can see many cases posted in this section, we have successfully used this technique in hundreds of cases and these screws have been compared with imported devices and have been found to have same efficiency (Masters Thesis).

My favored location for screw placement is in Maxilla between II pm and first Max molar. This is also the most needed point of force delivery as most our cases have class II type pattern. But after you gain experience you can place in other locations. In Casefile 1 you can see screw placed in cuspid region in maxilla.

Casefile 1 you can see screw placed in cuspid region in maxilla. and in pictures below you can see other two locations. Here is a very nice article to start Using these devices...CLICK HERE