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Microimplant screws for Anchorage in Orthodontics:Dawn of a New Era

Why Anchorage should be an issue in Orthodontics

Anchorage continues to be an issue ever since the orthodontics came into being. Why ? Some teeth should move while others should remain stable. Proclination, crowding, intrusion, distalisation etc need to be achieved without getting Newton 3rd law into action. In the past it was a dream to think of absolute anchorage or ZERO anchorage loss in a case. But that is changed for ever now on.

So far we must also depend on patient cooperation to optimize anchorage management and Lack of patient compliance is one of the biggest limiting factors in ortho treatment- Moyers, Biomechanics becomes far too complex just for the sake of efficient preservation of anchorage. With the advent of these microimplants the concept of ‘absolute anchorage’ has become a reality.

Difficult situations like, distalisation, intrusion, molar extraction cases etc need not give you sleepless nights anymore. Jump in the microimplant bandwagon and you are sure to experience new heights of orthodontic excellence. Microimplants help you to Stretch the boundaries of orthodontics beyond.

And help you Taking teeth where no tooth has gone before,

with the help of MI we are now able to see results which almost resemble results obtained with orthognathic surgery. MI helps to expand the envelope of tooth movement.

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With the use of Microimplants your orthodontic treatment need not be "MOLAR CENTRIC", you can completely focus on giving your patient the BEST SMILE. Many cases that we refused can now be taken up for treatment. It has helped to improve quality of your treatment and patients are happy because they don't need to have those "unwanted" gadgets/elastics etc.

Sweden, Korea have done lots of work in this area, American are now realising and have started catching up. There have been many of articles in JCO and AJODO and one issue (march 2005) of Seminars in orthodontics is fully devoted to this topic, - to see this whole issue click on this link 

Seminars in orthodontics volume 11, Issue 1 Another very useful article on this topic by Birte Melsen is also on JCO Sept 2005 issue (free access) Click on Link below to read full paper

Melsen- OVERVIEWMini-Implants- Where Are We- The author describes the development of skeletal anchorage and compares current systems.

The concept of metal components being screwed into the maxilla and mandible to enhance orthodontic anchorage was first published in 1945 by Gainsforth and Higley, they used vitallium screws to effect tooth movement in dogs. Two decades later, Linkow described the endosseous blade implant for orthodontic anchorage, but did not report on the long-term stability. Roberts used conventional, two-stage titanium implants in the retromolar region, to help reinforce anchorage whilst successfully closing first molar extraction sites in the mandible. So friends FORGET about TPA, Head gears or ANCHOR bends, come and join the revolution or you will surely REGRET.

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