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About Us

ARTH is headquartered in Belgaum, and has a branch in Bangalore. The services offered by ARTH are reiki hands-on and distant healing, and attunements to all reiki levels. We also offer "Past Life Regression"(PLR). To know more about To learn more about PLR CLICK HERE. To fix an appointment for Past Life Regression contact Prof Beena at Belgaum or Ashwita at Bangalore. To see the other services we offer, please go to the Services Offered page.

Dedication, compassion, love and sincerity are the qualities that characterise all our reiki teachers. Our lineage allows a student to become a teacher only after a minimum experience, and only when the teacher is convinced that the person will be able to do justice to his or her students and patients. Our teachers are always available to students even after they've learned reiki, to offer any guidance or support, whether mental, emotional or spiritual.

You're special: All our classes are deliberately small and limited to a handful of people, to increase interaction and ensure complete attention and participation of the student.

Please also visit our Photo Gallery to view photographs of attunements and group healings.

Headquarters, Belgaum

Reiki Grandmaster: Dr. Beena Rani Goel
Dr Beena Rani Goel
Reiki GrandMaster
The Academy for Reiki Training and Healing is headed by Reiki Grandmaster Dr Beena Rani Goel

Dr Beena Rani Goel has been a Reiki master for over fifteen years, and has attuned hundreds of students to the various degrees. She has also healed many patients through hands-on and distant reiki, for problems ranging from common colds, sciatica, cancer, muscular disorders, side-effects of strong medicines, to stress, relationship problems and even legal problems.

Her patients and students are scattered all over the world. She has healed and/ or attuned people in India, USA, Netherland, Spain, Italy, UK, Sweden, Germany, South Africa etc.

She has also attended sessions in various techniques under world leaders, recently she attended healer training workshop by a India's most popular healer-Patrick in GOA To contact Dr. Goel, call mob 91 98455 77554, 91-831-2470140, or 2456319

Branch, Bangalore

Located near Marathahalli Junction, this branch is managed by Reiki Grandmaster Ashwita Please check Reiki classes in Bangalore to learn more

For a reiki healing appointment or to learn Reiki in Bangalore, send an email to   or call 91 98455 31133

Branch, Palghar

About an hour drive from Mumbai, this branch is located in Palghar. It is managed by Reiki Teacher Dr. Shashi Bala

Dr. Shashi Bala has been practicing Reiki for about seven years. She has attuned several students to first and second degrees of reiki. She has also healed many patients with a variety of problems like arthritis, sinusitis, viral infections, fever, chronic emotional problems, relationship problems and even legal and business problems, through reiki.

For a reiki healing appointment or to learn Reiki in Mumbai, send an email to   or call Dr. Shashi at 86007 31003 or 02525257000


The aim of ARTH is to spread the awareness of Reiki and to help common man improve every aspect of his life with this beautiful technique. Our class strength is deliberately small, to ensure that each student receives enough attention. We offer ample support after attunements and treatments, so that patients and students can always clarify any doubts at any point of time.


Reiki Attunements for various degrees have been conducted at various locations of the world. Our database of distant healing patients also includes people from many corners of the world.

Free group healings are regularly conducted to encourage students to practice healing others, and also to help interested people experience and understand Reiki.

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