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Reiki: Your Key to Health, Happiness & Peace

What are you looking for?

Better Living?                       Better Health?                 Peace of Mind?      

One Day @ ARTH could change your life!

With our lifestyles getting busier and more hectic by the day, most of us hardly have time for ourselves. Lost in the daily grind between office and home, one doesn't realise when one loses out on health, happiness and peace of mind. But it is a loss you don't have to live with. You can choose to change it. Right now!

It takes just one day to learn Reiki, after which you will be able to heal not just yourself, but others too. A Reiki attunement takes you to a higher level of vibration, and just a 20-30 minute reiki practice everyday ensures that you are cleansed of any negativities that the day has offered to your aura. The best part is, the practice can even be split into separate shorter sessions!

Whether it is improving your relationships, getting rid of anger or stress, becoming healthier, or progressing spiritually, Reiki helps, guides and takes you further.

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Are you ...

Working? Reiki helps you remain calm and reduces stress and depression levels drastically. It helps you cope with crisis situations in office by helping you keep your cool and think clearly.

Balancing Career & Family? The word 'fatigue' does not exist in the dictionary of a regular reiki channel. You have enough energy to deal with household responsibilities after getting home from work. And remember to give reiki to the food you cook, it tastes better!

Married? Reiki improves relationships by increasing your energy levels. If both husband and wife are regular reiki channels, relationships reach a higher dimension and compatibility increases.

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A Parent? Reiki helps your child cope with life better. Children are very responsive to reiki and if brought up in a reiki lifestyle, children grow up to be balanced, intuitive and wise individuals.

Studying? Reiki helps you concentrate while studying and remain calm during exams. Over time, it improves your memory and betters your relationship with your friends.

Retired? Reiki helps you cope with the changes in life and improves your health.

Trying to quit Smoking or Drinking? Try Reiki! Reiki helps you give up your addictions more easily, not just by increasing your energy levels, but by changing the circumstances around you too. In many cases, people lose the urge to smoke/ drink, and thus find it easy to quit.

So, What is Reiki??

If you want a quick introduction to Reiki in layman's terms, check out our Beginner's Page. Or you could go through the Reiki FAQs. We also have information on the number of degrees or levels in Reiki, and the qualification required to learn each of them.

If you are a reiki channel already and want to retouch the basics of healing, we have articles on self-healing and healing others. You might also want to read more on the 7 Chakras of our body, or the healing techniques for specific ailments..

If you are looking at a total life changing opportunity/experience, then we have a special 3 day spiritual retreat for you. CLICK HERE

And We Are...

Academy for Reiki Training & Healing

Academy for Reiki Training & Healing (ARTH)

ARTH is an organisation dedicated to spreading the awareness of Reiki, and helping people improve their lives. We conduct Reiki classes regularly and also heal patients from all walks of life. Click here to read more about us.

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