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The Beginner's Guide to Reiki

What is Reiki?

I usually reply to this question with another question - 'What is the difference between a dead man and a living one?'.
After much thinking, some reply, 'energy'. And that, precisely, is Reiki.

Have you experienced -you picked your phone to call someone and his/her phone rings even before you can dial the number ? How does it happen, It is "thought energy", distance does not matter, similarly Reiki is a Healing energy which can do miracle in your life..Request Distant Healing Now..See THIS VIDEO  TESTIMONIAL from a girl whose life changed....CLICK HERE

One of the most important, yet least explained, benefits of Reiki is its ability to guide your life in a way that is exactly right for you. When you focus Reiki on difficult situations in your life, guidance about what to do comes more easily. Or it may inspire a change in attitude or belief about your situation. Suddenly, you see your condition from a fresh perspective, one which reveals a previously unseen course of action leading to a more positive result. - William Lee Rand

When we are born, we are nothing but little bundles of energy. No matter how much we get hurt, we heal at a rapid pace. We are never tired. We are always happy, always smiling, and never bored. As we grow up, however, things change. We become physically unfit, prone to depression, and get tired easily. What is it that changes?

As we grow up, we find ourselves more and more exposed to temptations, greed, anger, jealousy and other negativities. Unconsciously, our parents teach us not to listen to our bodies, by forcing us to eat/ do things that we do not want to. All these have a damaging effect on the endless flow of energy that we receive from the universe - it blocks the path.

Think of yourself as a hollow pipe left in the river. As long as the water fills up the insides of the pipe, you are healthy and happy. Negativities, like dirt and grime, settle layer upon layer inside the pipe, slowly reducing the flow of water and eventually clogging it up completely. When this happens to your channel of energy, you find it difficult to be what you were always meant to be - healthy.

Reiki is nothing but the energy which used to fill you up when you were an infant. Reiki healing helps you by providing you with energy, so that you can combat the negative forces within your body and eliminate disease or sorrow.

Reiki Healing

Any Reiki channel can give you a Reiki healing. Reiki Healing could be of two types: Hands-on, and distant.

The hands-on healing is like touch healing, where the palms of the healer are held 3-5 inches away from your body. The healer heals the patient at various points on the patient's body, called 'chakras'. When more than one healer is involved in the healing, it is called group healing, and it is much more powerful.

Distant healing can be done at any time and place, and the patient does not have to be near the healer - he can be in any part of the world. For this process, healers usually ask for certain details of the patient, like name, age, photograph, etc, to aid them in healing. Distant healing is as powerful as hands-on healing.

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Charge and Duration

Reiki Healing is rarely given free, as most practitioners believe that free goods are rarely valued. Reiki charges vary from healer to healer, and from place to place. Some healers also conduct free healing camps occasionally.

The duration of a Reiki treatment depends on the magnitude of the problem. For small problems like common colds, fever, sinusitis, etc, between 4 to 7 days is recommended. For long standing or chronic problems like skin diseases, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, etc, a minimum of 21 days healing is suggested, and if needed, another 21 days of healing after 3 months.

How can a Reiki healing help me?

Reiki healing provides you with energy, so that you can deal with the negative forces within and around your being.

Several people have benefitted tremendously with Reiki. Ailments like common cold, sinusitis, muscular pain, arthritis, diabetes, sciatica, and even diseases like cancer and AIDS have at times been cured.

Apart from healing physically, Reiki also benefits the person emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki can be sent to improve relationships with someone, for help in official/ legal matters, events such as marriages, parties, functions, and other such things.

A Reiki healer simply provides you with the energy to help you, but it is ultimately upto you to help yourself. If you subconsciously do not want to heal, nothing can help, not even Reiki. For this reason, no healer promises or guarantees results to a patient.

Reiki Attunement

A Reiki Attunement is a process in which a person is made a Reiki healer by opening up his/ her chakras. The difference between a healing and an attunement is, a Reiki healing gives a person energy to help him deal with his problem, whereas an attunement is the process of making a person capable of healing others.

To become a Reiki healer, you need to contact a Reiki teacher in your area and learn from them. It is best to learn from a local teacher, as you will be able to clarify any of your doubts easily.

A Reiki Attunement usually takes one day, and the teacher typically also gives some notes to the student for reference. An attunement usually includes a short lecture on what Reiki is, its history, the different levels and demonstration and hands-on practice of healing self and others.

Can I learn Reiki Online?

No matter how much you read about Reiki, whether in books or online, you still aren't a Reiki channel. To be a Reiki channel/ healer, you need to be attuned by a Reiki master.

The best way to learn Reiki is to find a teacher in your city and learn from them. Some people do offer a 'distant attunement' to those who cannot find a teacher nearby. In most cases however, we discourage distant attunements, since it is hard to check the credentials of a person you haven't met, and easy to be taken for a ride.

Also, a person attuned via distant attunement will miss out on many of the aspects of a face-to-face attunement. The discussions and lecture are often absent in a distant attunement, making the student's concepts a little shaky. However, distant attunements may be opted for in case of emergency or if no teachers are available nearby.

Levels of Reiki

Also called 'degrees', there are primarily three levels in Reiki.

The First level is called proximity modality healing, and after getting attuned to this level, the healer has to be physically near a patient to be able to heal him/ her.

The Second level enables a healer to send Reiki across time and space. By time, we mean that Reiki can be sent to past or future events, for eg. a hurtful event in the past, or an interview in the future. By space, we mean that the patient could be half-way across the world from the healer, and still receive Reiki healing. Time and space do not limit Reiki.

The Third level is often split into three parts - Master Healer, Master (also called Teacher) and Grandmaster. A Master Healer has reached the highest level of Reiki healing. A Reiki Teacher/ Master can teach degrees 1 and 2 to others, and a Grandmaster can teach all the Reiki degrees.

More information on the degrees may be found in the Reiki Levels page.

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