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Reiki Self Healing Guide

The First Twenty-One Days

Every teacher stresses on the importance of regular and continuous practice of Reiki self healing for twenty-one days after attunement. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, during these 21 days, a lot of cleansing takes place in your body. You must ensure you drink plenty of water and sleep sufficiently. Regular Reiki practice during these days helps remove the negativities accumulated by your body over your lifetime. Each chakra takes roughly 3 days, hence the 21 days.

Secondly, your body is still new to the energy being channelled, and it takes 21 days for it to get adjusted to the new activity. From a psychological aspect too, it has been found that a person takes about 21 days to form a habit.

Most importantly, a lot of reiki students assume that since so much of stress has been laid only on the first 21 days, the days after that must not be important. Quite the contrary, you need to continue practicing Reiki everyday even after the 21-day period. During the 21 days, you must just ensure that you do not miss practice even once, and also remember that the more number you practice, the better the effect.

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The Cleansing Process

Everybody experiences different symptoms during cleansing. Just like when you start cleaning dusty areas, the dust first rises up in the air, a Reiki attunement causes the negativities to be released from our body via minor problems.

Depending on the degree you have been attuned to, your cleansing process might involve minor physical, emotional or spiritual problems. After any attunement, have complete faith and watch what happens for the first 21 days. There might be some discomfort, but that is no cause for alarm. You will slowly start feeling more and more comfortable as days pass after the cleansing period.

Daily Practice

The importance of daily practice cannot be over-stressed. We are surrounded all day by germs, negative thoughts and emotions, and energy-snatching components. By the end of the day, we pick up negative energies and our energy level is also low because people, events and thoughts have siezed it from us.

Daily practice is a way to fill up on this lost energy and cleanse the accumulated negativities. It is ok to miss practice once in a while, but not practicing for too long, is damaging. The negativities that accumulate if we don't practice, eventually clog up our chakras again, and if there has been no practice for too long, one may need re-attunement to restart Reiki practice.

Even though a major portion of the cleansing takes place in the first 21 days, the subsequent days also add towards the cleansing. It takes about three months for the true effects of Reiki to start showing. Daily practice not only makes you healthier physically, but adds to your progress mentally, spiritually and in other aspects of your life as well.

Short-cut Self Healing

The more one practices Reiki everyday, the better it is for that person. However, there are some days when we are too tired to complete the entire procedure, and we are tempted to skip the self-healing altogether. On such days, there is an alternative way.

There are seven main chakras in our body, and typically, we heal the front and back of these chakras, along with a few more points. When we have too little time, we may heal only the front of these seven chakras. Considering that you heal each chakra for three minutes each, the practice will be over in 21 minutes. If they are healed for two minutes each, the entire self healing will be over in 15 minutes.

If you are practicing short-cut self healing on two consecutive days, on the second day, heal the back of the chakras instead of the front - this will help keep your energy more balanced.

This technique should be used only occasionally and you must try to practice the complete self healing as much as possible, Complete self healing should be practiced ATLEAST twice a week.

Reiki all the time
Time contraints are only in the mind, and if you make Reiki a priority, you will never have too little time for Reiki. Practice Reiki when you're in the bus, while watching television, while on the phone, or in meetings. If you are embarrased to keep your hands on the chakras, place your hands on your knees and give Reiki.

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The Effect of Reiki

Daily practice is exteremely beneficial to a channel. It is almost as if a guiding light constantly monitors your progress and well-being. At times, we find that our friend circle is changing, for Reiki causes people who don't contribute to our progress to drift away, and attracts those people who contribute to our progress in some way. Some describe the feeling as a soft blanket keeping them safe and warm all the time.

Reiki takes you in the direction that you want to go. While some people experience gigantic leaps in their spiritual journey, others remain in the same state for years. It is upto you to make a concious effort to determine what matters the most to you in your life, and work in that direction. Reiki will accelerate your progress in that direction.

One needs to have faith in Reiki that whatever is happening to us, is for our own good alone. Becoming a Reiki channel does not mean that you will never have any problems again, or that you will never fall sick again. Problems and pitfalls are often triggers for our progress, and if they are needed, you will be blessed with them. The advantage with Reiki is, it helps you get back up on your feet faster.

Reiki does not work for negative intentions. If you wish bad for somebody and send Reiki to harm him/ her, it will not work. Think positive and wish everyone well.

Reiki Protection

When you practice Reiki regularly, your energy level is much higher than others. This causes those with lower energy levels to pull energy from you. While in principle, this is alright, it sometimes causes you to feel drained.

As a regular practioner, you are much more sensitive to the ups and downs of energy, and you will sense loss of energy when or after it happens. Sometimes, you also tend to pick up negative energies. Visiting places like hospitals, etc, can be expecially draining.

To protect yourself against these ups and downs, you can use the purple shield. Before going to such places, declare "Mother, Father, God, please send me the purple shield from <TIME> to <TIME>". Next, imagine a double layered purple-coloured egg surrounding your body. Feel the warmth and security the energy gives you. You are ready to move on with your day!

Remember to remove the purple shield before sleeping at night, because it is said to hinder sleep. You can disable the purple shield by saying "Mother, Father, God, please send the Purple Shield back to the source of light". Imagine the purple shield fading and going back to a bright source of light.

If you forgot to give yourself the purple shield protection and find yourself drained of energy, there is nothing to worry about. A full-body Reiki healing will restore all the lost energy to your body.

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