Monday, October 15, 2007

Make your Endo always Enjoyable

For all of us Endo is an important part of our clinical work.
Facing problems in your endo cases ? Time for introspection, do you know the latest trend/ paradigm is now larger apical preparations, when you have biologically optimal preparations you have a happy patient.

Do you want to be guilty (may be get sued) of not following the best practice accepted worldwide. It is a well accepted fact that larger MAD (master apical diameter) leads to cleaner canals.

It has been found that majority of dentists who are using tapered instruments fail to clean the apical area and hence the failure and post op problems in number of their cases. There is an easy solution for you, rather very quick to adopt. To read a wonderful article published in USA CLICK HERE. (change your endo life). Do it and experience the difference and joy. We are waiting for your feedback.

Six per cent of people in a large survey in England said they had to treat their own dental problems themselves, because they could not get professional treatment - this included pulling out their own teeth. How does India compare with UK ?
The Dentistry Watch survey, which is the largest of its kind ever to be carried out in England, surveyed 5,212 patients and 750 dentists. It was carried out by the Patient and Public Involvement Forums survey and was aimed at collating patients' and dentists' views on dental services in England today and assessing the true state of the National Health Service dental system. Full news here

Times are great for dentists in America, The average American adult patient now spends roughly $600 annually on dental care, of course half of this is paid by the insurance companies. What would you say for India ? Full article here

Happy Festive season and thanks for all your support and feedback.


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