Case Example: Easily Distalise Molars with Implant Screws

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Molar distalisation remains to be a challenge for us. There are numerous techniques some of which use costly hardware and some are quite time consuming and cumbersome.

Now here is the dream solution and costing you only pennies. Use of MIA screws can make molar distalistion a breeze

Here is a case of a 19 year old female who had treatment with 4 premolar extractions. After 2.5 years to treatment it was a failure and she came for help

We did not want to extract second premolars in maxilla and so decided to try to distalise the whole arch. Implant screws were placed distal to Maxillar first molars on both sides. You can see the results in the pictures below after 6 months of treatment. Please note the first molars corrected to a full class I from Full class II. Note the canines and proclination of max incisors. And again note that mand arch is not bonded.



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