Microimplant Screw for Anchorage - Case

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I have been using titanium implant screws for past about 4 years. We use
screws made in India as they are much cheaper. Screw dimensions are 1.2 mm
in dia and 8 mm long. Topical is adequate and while removal of screws there
is no need to use any anesthetic.

Look at the pics of the case here. This girl aged 15 years had her left Max
cuspid placed labially. After analysing the case it was decided to ext first
PMs on the right side. Because of use of implant screw we could easily shift
the anterior segment to the right and aligned the cuspid. Total treatment
time was 12 months.

If not for the implant screw, what would be your fate ? in treating this kind of case.

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