Case Example: Use Microimplant screw for Anchorage

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Premolars are tough teeth to deal and small deviation of these teeth can cost a lot of time, money and energy. This is a simple case of maxillary premolar rotation but shows the efficiency and SPEED of MIA anchorage. It was decided to treat this case as NON extraction. Bite was deep and we decided to open the bite and just close max anterior spaces. Fig A

Challenge was to correct the rotation of max right premolar. We had to apply a couple, one Force from distal and one from Mesial. We did not want to load molar and take the risk of loosing a precious 1-2 mm. So we decided to use a 1.2mm dia 7 mm long titanium screw.. It was placed under local anesthesia and loaded immediately. Fig B

It was quite a severe rotation of about 75degrees See fig C, and we wanted to gain space for anterior retraction by doing this derotation.

With the help of screw the premolar rotation was easily corrected in 8 weeks time helping us to manage the case easily without loosing molar anchorage or using any other complicated devices.



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