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Micro implant Screw for Anchorage in Orthodontics

Case Examples

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This is another boy aged 14 years. As seen in the pics he had moderate discrepancy. We decided to attempt NON ext with help of implant screws.

On the left side are the intraoral pictures and on the right side you can see the post operative pics. Some reproximation was done as needed. Max midline which was shifted to the right and moved slightly to the left after treatment.

In the second pic you can see that with the help of implant screw how it was possible to gain even small spaces created by reproximation of premolars. Normally one would have to resort to headgear or intramax elastics. This case was finished in 13 months time.There was no adverse effect of profile.




Casefile 1

Casefile 2

Casefile 3

Casefile 4

Casefile 5

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