Information for Foreign Dentists, who wish to go to Australia

There are two ways in which overseas qualified dentists can enter the profession in Australia: by enrolling at an Australian dental school where they may be granted some credit for previous study, or by successfully completing the Australian Dental Council (ADC) examinations.

The examination procedure consists of three parts: (First two parts can be taken in India) an Occupational English Test (OET) for which an overall "A" or "B" grade is required to progress; If you have skills in English this test is not so hard to pass LINK HERE for Details

Part II is written Preliminary Examination (Multiple Choice Questions and Short Answer Questions); It mainly concentrates on final year clinical subjects and some other basic info eg on dental materials etc. book of choic to read is MCQ by Boucher

Part III is Final Examination (clinical). These must be taken sequentially.
The clinical examination is held over three to six days and includes the following three blocks:

Clinical Dentistry I
Clinical Dentistry II
Clinical Dentistry III

CLICK HERE FOR Details of Curriculam For detailed info visit this WEBSITE

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