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Foreign Dentist- Can Work in India ?

Dear Group,

I read your link Why we need foreign dentists for dental care of orphans in Bangalore.I strongly feel that this kind of practices should be handled seriously.How can someone do a procedure on Indian patients without a license? If foreign countries can implement such tight rules why can't us?
Once I happened to supervise a practicing foreign dentist, a volunteer who studied in Guy's dental institute, UK to do an extraction. I was shocked to see her attitude towards the patient, sterilization concept and practical knowledge.
We Indian dentists are much much better than them, in terms of patient care.

We Indians have a problem of getting carried away when we see white skin .We often forget that we are a superior race especially when it comes to intelligence and skill. Our problem is the negative attitudes that we keep towards the needs of the public especially the poor and the needy.I think we missed the Orphanage .

George Mathew
I fully endorse views of Dr.Matheus George. Dr Nailesh Gandhi

I don't think we lack in attitude or negative attitude. Now come on show me which multinational company dealing with retail products would sponsor a one year program for the Orphanage or Poor students studying in the Government schools who cannot even afford a toothpast or brush.
I have been running pillar to post to kickstart a program thru my Rotary International club in Bengaluru but in vain.
I hope our societies abroad can for a common pool from which different programs such as community service can be organised thru the Rotary International. At the same time any of our members visiting there motherland should offer their expertise and services for free. This would open the eyes to the reality of Life in todays India.
Best Regards

B Krishna
Dear Group members,

I fully agree with what Dr. George hasa written here. It should be immediately reported to DCI as well as a FIR should be registered in nereby police station. Hope concern people will do it. with regards to everyone

Rajesh Kumar Agrawal

Dear Dr.George Mathew,

I strongly agree to your view point. Having did my studies and worked in UK i understand what you speak.More over as you said go to any country the licencing exam they keep infront of you and the required documents required even to write the exam is such a task.Wonder why we consider ourself to be inferior also if ourgovernment is not bothered about our fellow men allowing them to be treated by any, we as responsible citizens and responsible dentists should join together and stop this and press on to bring a requlation on requirements for foreign dentists to practice in India.
Kind Regards

Sanju Thomas

I Strongly agree with you sir. How can such laxity be shown towards the dentists from US. I dont care if they landed from the moon but it is time the DCI takes the initiative and take necessary action against them or better still instill a means of obtaining licensure of the temporary kind for such acts of helping the underprivileged.
They are welcome to do what ever they set out to doing as long as they clear appropriate procedural hurdles like everyone else.
Please note it is not their intentions which no doubt are gracious, that are being questioned here but the callous disregard for obtaining permission to do so. It is widely assumed that the western world takes India for granted and act as if they rule the world. We may be less developed than them in terms of finance, but are no less adept then them in skill and training. It is high time they are educated of the world has changed and what role India has in it's future. Jai Hind!

Dr.Manoj Manohar
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dear dra. George,
I think the issue here is not prohibiting a us licenced dentist practicing in India. Issue is the lack of privileges to the poor people. The inability of govt etc.
We do not want to take vendetta on anyone who has good intentions, no matter where the person is from?
My humble opinion.
FYI, I have done 70 such camps in Kerala and haven't even come in a local newspaper.
Dr Vipin Challiyan

Dear frendz
i think dr george is absolutely right..why should foreign doctors work in our orphanages?
and where is the dci now? what about their licences?
dr.Arnavaz Havewala

I stongly agree with Dr mathew
-- Dr Ashutosh Murjani Moti Lal Road,Deoria (U P)

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