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Alternative & Complementary Therapies

As people find themselves increasingly disillusioned by Western medicine, many are turning to complementary and alternative means of healing. Several scientific studies are starting to prove the effectiveness of these methods as well.

At the outset, it is important to be aware that just as in every other field - including traditional medicine, this field also has its share of fraudsters and cheats. Ultimately, awareness and knowledge go a long way in protecting you from being taken for a ride.Click here to find a list of websites that can educate you against fraud.

The basic difference in the approaches of mainstream and alternative therapies is that alternative therapies seek to heal the person as a whole, versus trying to fix only one part. One finds, through this approach, that one of the biggest causes for most diseases is an improper digestion. Following a few simple rules while eating, go a long way in bringing about better immunity and more robust physical and mental health.

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