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Sex and Health

Sex is the most powerful force on earth which moves humans and animals alike. Uncontrolled indulgenence can cause destruction, but its proper use can benefit individual and humanity. Osho said that sex can eventually lead to supercoinciousness, because it gives a glimpse of ecstasy that vests in the superconscious.

According to ancient Indian scriptures, "Indulgence of any kind is an endless pit", and overindulgence is bound to destroy anyone, sooner of later. In ancient India Sex was taught as a subject in formal education, and Kamasutra, the world’s first sex treatise, was written in ancient India between the 4th Century BCE and the 2nd Century. Proof can be seen carved in stone in the form of erotic motifs in several temples. However, the best-preserved and most graphic example of erotic temple art can be found in the small town of Khajuraho in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. In India tantric sex was also practiced to gain extraordinary powers.

Indulgence in sex in a beastly fashion will produce offsprings which have lower values and qualities. On the other hand, sex performed by invoking divine, and inviting a noble soul will result in offspring with divine qualities.

As per the medical point of view there are several health benefits of sex, which are good for you and make your heart stronger and keep blood pressure under control...LINK

During this union of male and female, there is deep interaction NOT only in the physical layer (which can get you variety of STDs),but also in the aura of two beings which can damage your energy field (aura). There fore sex without love (one night stand) can lead to lasting damge to the person doing it.

Resource at Mayo Clinic...CLICK HERE

Celibacy or brahmacharya has always been given a prominent place in the spiritual life, and is considered vital for progress to enlightenment....LINK

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