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Is Your Mind the Master, or Are You? Shifting from Mind centric to Soul centric life

"It was an important experience:Indulgence in thought dissipates the energy whereas dissolving thougth throught watchfulness liberates the energy, augmenting its flow." (in Intelligence beyond thought, by Dada Gavand

Another very important thing to remember is when you are silent God works to fulfil your dreams. Try it and experience. It is comparable to when you order in a restaurant the attendant can bring your order only when you stop chattering.

We have approximately 50,000 - 60,000 thoughts per day. You may be surprised to note that 95% of those thoughts we had today are the same ones we had yesterday.Do you have any idea what a loss of energy takes place in this 95% garbage generation.

We are not our minds. We use our minds just like we use a car. Car helps us to get to our destination. If someone kept driving Car Aimlessly what would you call him? But same analogy applies to mind use. We keep using mind without any particular goal. The outcome is quite easy to understand. Just as in the case of Car if you keep using car for No purpose, it would lead to waste of fuel (Energy) and wear and tear of car. In fact when you actually need car, it might happen that either there is no fuel in the tank or some part has broken down. Unnecessary run of mind eats away loads of our vital energy, have you ever thought about this.

So we have to learn to manage mind in an optimal way. How this can be achieved?  Is it possible to achieve this goal? If you believe Yes then of course you can progress. If No then do not waste your time, read No further. In extreme cases of mind out of control, person becomes insane. In the same way all of us have some insanity in us unless we learn to become masters of our mind. True success is not possible without achieving this Goal, even if one has conquered the world but is slave of his mind, he can NEVER be happy. In the words of Nisarga Datta maharaj, mind and intellect babllings should be treated just like barks of Dog.

Only a healthy mind can focus and will be successful in achieving the Goal. Take example of Arjuna in Mahabharata, He was the one who saw only the eye of the Bird and hence he succeeded in hitting at it. His entire mind was directed to his Goal. It should be easy to understand that a mind which can not focus will not reach desired outcome. This is an excellent guide to teach you How being MINDFUL can help you to achieve ultimate miracle..READ HERE

Disciplining mind is not an easy task; you need strong determination, patience and perseverance. Let us first understand the nature of mind. Mind always wants to run either in past of in future. Our endeavor should be to keep it in the present. Time and again mind gets attached to new ideas and passions, and being the slave of mind you run (stick) after those objects and desires, unable to understand that such pattern in the past has not been fruitful. If MIND is the minister, INTELLECT is the KING, practice to use intellect to keep check on MIND.

Mind is the fastest thing in this universe, faster than light even, reaching from Earth to Mars in fraction of a second. So Beware!! task of getting Mind under your command will need constant practice and very strong determination. Property of Mind is Speed, initially it may be helpful to mount it on a slow vehicle. And this is what happens when you chant Mantras, by engaging Mind in Mantras added with Pranayama you will find that it will begin to come under control.

Mind and Breath (prana) are intimately linked and thus if you are a serious seeker you should start pranayama everyday for 10-15 minutes. And you will gradually experience as you gain control of breath you also gain control over mind.

Read Spiritual books at least for 10 minutes each night before falling asleep. This helps to enhance your devotion and reverence to the ALMIGHTY GOD or whatever you would like to call it.

Repression and Force are never successful in taming the mind, these methods may appear to be successful in short term will lead to disaster. Such mind will rebound and strike back with Fury.

Silence is the fasting for mind, if takes daily practice to improve your skills. Initially you will find flow of thoughts continues, do not be perturbed, watch the flow of thoughts. If you get carried away start allover again. Start with 10 minutes daily practice. If you find it VERY difficult, you can begin by numbering your inward breaths, if you loose count start allover again. This way you will improve each day. Stillness of body (good sitting posture) followed by regulated breath will make you improve each day.

Silence is the language of Gods who gave us speech. Do you know that because your mind is not quit you are not able to gain even half from your Studies or lecture class or whatever you are doing to gain knowledge. Whatever you are doing the chatter of mind continues non stop and then what would you expect life to be !!!!!

Attachements, desires and Fear drive the Mind.. understand reality of life to get rid of them....CLICK HERE

Purity is very important for mind. Watch carefully and see which food, company of people or actions lead to increased disturbance of mind.

"The action that springs from tranquil energy, from silence, is total and complete It is an action of intutive intelligence, which is impersonal and thus spiritual, So there is a way to true action, Whithout the dictation and drive of thought, Right action takes place instantaneously, Without the prompting of the memory mind.

Mind is the Questioner, and there are always millions of questions, when there is an answer (worldly) there are more questions. Unless source of these questions (Mind) dries, TRUE question (quest) does not become evident-- WHO AM I is the final question and each individual has the answer within Him. We spend years to study many things, But if only we learn and study to master the Mind, whole life would be different, mind is the veil through which we percieve the world.

Read this to understand diff between thought and thinking

Learn more about handling of thoughts...Origin of Thoughts

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