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How to Find Guru

Question: From the small age i was interested in spirituality and yoga.I did my graduation in Engineering, but my interest has always been on the spiritual and yogic side.I am looking for the perfect master ,perfect yogic master, siddha purusha(enlightened being). I travelled many relegious centers in india but did not find any guru who can be my guru..Please can you give me their info.I will renounce the whole world if i find a guru who does not care for fame or money but only cares for god and yoga.It would be thankfull of you if you grant my request.i am very interested in kundalini yoga and will do anything to awaken my holy spirit.I end my letter with love, respect,and prayers.Let God be with us always.

Enlightenment is just like a wick catching fire from a flame. But the wick has to be proper and there should be oil in the lamp. The moment we have prepared our wick (Shraddha) and have sufficient oil ( Bhakti), fire will appear in the form of Guru and we will get enlightenment.

Nature is very prompt, when as aspirant is really ready, it will not waste any moment to bring a Guru to him. But we can't force this, we ourselves don't know when we are ready. Enlightenment is possible only with Grace. So our duty is to just advance in the spiritual direction. Any method we can choose, the secret is to just keep on moving.

Another mistake we make is we have a mental image of how a Guru should be. Many people waste their life times looking for the Guru image in their mind. Right at this moment, there may be a book lying in front of you. Look at the page and you may read a sentence that gives you the direction to move forward. Or you may be watching TV. A sentence that you hear may strike a cord in your heart, that may be conveying a message to you. But for this we have to be receptive. We may be listening to two kids talking. If we lend a serious ear, we may tumble on some great wisdom that will take us to the next level in spirtuality. But we may miss all this if we are looking around for the "Guru image".

Gurus are also always in search of shishyas who are ready to receive what they have to offer. You just keep on advancing spiritually let the Guru search for you and not vice versa.


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