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How to get Spiritual Experience

How to get Spiritual Experience ?

Know it that experiencer only knows the taste, for others it is just a story value.

On worldly plane someone eats a black forest cake and describes it to you, crunchy, cool, dissolving on tongue etc etc and how nice is the taste, description goes on with each bite. The person who has eaten is fully satisfied and esctasic but if you have never heard or seen black forest cake, what will you get, NOTHING, it will be a mear story for you. So you see, even on earthly plane unless you yourself get experience, you can not understand the TRUTH, so what to talk about SPIRITUAL plane. Work hard to attain experience, that alone will bring revolution.

How much we have to struggle to get material achievements, so know it for ever, the ultimate treasure, the PARAMSATTA experience does not come easy, be prepared to toil and follow is with perseverance and persistence added with passion, never loose sight of your GOAL


To explain in another way, you are from a modern city and happen to land in a remote tribal area without any development and thousands of years old, now somehow to try to explain the tribals how the life is in cities and you have TV, Radio, internet, what NOT, and how life is great with all these things around you. He will not be able to understand or even get a glimpse of what you are saying. Similar are the narrations of SPIRITUAL men, which sound like stories to us, unless we ourself are able to experience. Experiencer ONLY knows and can UNDERSTAND, so try hard and wait until you experience.

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