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The Game of Life

All of us want three things in life. We want to be always happy, we want to be always secure, we want to live until eternity. And we start seeking these THREE things in OUTSIDE world! Examine closely and you would see the TRUTH in this situation. This is HOW the Game Of Life is setup.

You play along and you may find that despite working very hard and facing problems and toiling for years you have not SUCCEEDED. Do not confuse happiness with pleasure. How to differentiate between TWO, PLEASURE is attached to the moment, it does not have perpetuity, for example you eat the first cake and second and so on tenth one may actually be a punishment. same is true of ALL worldly pleasures. On the other hand HAPPINESS has perpetuity and leads to BLISS.

Sages and spiritual leaders in all the countries have been telling these eternal TRUTH, why is it so HARD for US to understand ? Can you hear a mild melody in a very NOISY surrounding ? Can you grow a good crop in a field full of weeds ? Similarly a MIND full of NOISE is not CAPABLE of absorbing these TRUTH. ONLY a meditative mind can and will be able to SOAK these and sit quietly.

God has setup the game, you have to play along and learn and reach him in the END. Reach him early and you will enjoy the bliss. Analyse your actions and if they have not helped you to achieve the satisfaction of basic instinct then play the game differently next time.

Core of each human is pure untainted coinciousness, irrespective of what goes on in ONE's life, coinciousness remains pure. Just the way Mirror is uneffected irrespective of images reflected by it, the cinema hall screen is not effected on the basis of a good or a horror movie watched. Aim of life is to rediscover this coinciousness which is all knowing and all pervading, once realised the QUEST ENDS.

This Sansar (world) is Maya (illusion), it means the way we look at the world and our perceptions. Many leading Saints were Kings, eg Buddha. Even after having everything in life they soon realised that it was NOT the way of happiness and thus renunciated everyhing to reach GOD. How to Test the difference between MAYA and TRUTH ? MAYA looks very enchanting from distance and as you go close to it, CHARM is gone, TRUTH get deeper into you as you reach closer to TRUTH. You don't want to look at your most beautiful wife after some years but all other ladies enchant you (fool don't you still figure out) beauty is in your head. MORE on HAPPINESS HERE

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