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Mental Peace: Walking Towards Bliss

Two ways are suggested to browse this resource, if you have come here looking for relief/healing for some issue then find what is appropiate and read that, OR Read the whole page and then systematically see all the links as you get time and download and read the books.

Health and Happiness is your Birth Right, Claim it NOW.

Only words that initiate spiritual experience or heal you are of use and value. We hope the words compiled here will help you achieve that goal. Lot of info here was secret in the past, now it is easily available on the net. But Living wisdom must still be earned by comtemplation and meditation. Dream to be Happy and You will be happy.

BODY and MIND both need to be in good shape to lead enjoyable Life, here the tips are for Mind, for BODY ...CLICK HERE

If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present
-Lao Tzu

TOTAL and UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE is the KEY to Live LIFE FULLY and Happily, FU (Faith Unlimited and ZE (Zero Expectation is the formula to apply in your Daily routine.

It will not be easy, Vasana s/tendencies ingrained in YOU for several past lives are NOT going to be easy to get Rid of, BUT patience, persistence and unwavering FAITH will lead you to Glory..
Sounds EASY ! BUT it is possible to achieve it, Grossly TWO ways to get it, TOTAL Faith/ Surrender to Almighty or TOTAL understanding of LIFE itself.

But in the End Success would be unimaginablly ecstatic, it will be move from Chaos to Peace, move from Disorder to Order ..God bless you all..


In deep sleep our mind is tranquil and refreshed. If you can maintain same degree of calmness and freshness in awakened state- that is PEACE. Here are some great articles to help you reach that state. Do not confuse "Pleasure" with Peace, Pleasure is always associated with Pain at some other time.
Are you Disturbed?
Relationship problems ?
Do you suffer from Insecurity?
Do you have food/dieting issues?
Discover the Secret to Happiness
Control your mind through The Power of Meditation
Master the Art of Decision-Making

What is true HAPPINESS?

We need to realise, that any Happiness that has a reason will not last. Here it is also important not to confuse between pleasure and happiness. Your whole life will be spent searching newer reasons and the quest will not end until your death. To be truly happy, you need to master the art of Reasonless Happiness. It will be a life of choiceless actions.

happy unhappy
Spiritual research has shown that worldwide, the average human being is happy only 30% of the time while 40% of the time he is unhappy. The remaining 30% of the time a person is in a neutral state where he does not experience happiness or unhappiness. For example, when he is walking on the road or doing some mundane task etc and not thinking happy or unhappy thoughts.Solution lies within us - by turning to spirituality, looking for answers outside is bound to fail and lead to greater frustration-

If you want a short cut, and are prepared to follow it strongly, here is the receipe

Human body is composed of five layers, balance in each layer and harmony between them is the key to happiness or shall we say Bliss, to learn more about balancing them Go Here

Read the Article on Swamy Vivekananda's teachings and change your life

No one HURTS you, Only your OWN perception HURTS, Change it and no one will be ever HURT you again.

Happiness is the gift of GOD, no matter what happens, absolutely nothing should be allowed to come in the way of this happiness.

How do I attain true Happiness?

Be prepared to Accept Harsh Truths

It needs great courage and preparation to receive the TRUTH, Christ was nailed for speaking it, Duryodhana never listened to Lord Krishna and thus met his end. People who are ready to listen to Truth are very few, and these are the ones who experience true happiness.

Happiness that dependent cause can not last, You have to learn to connect to the ocean of happiness within you, something you have long forgotten. All of us easily understand the need to upgrade the operating system for our computers, have you ever thought of need to upgrade the operting system of you MIND, think it over. Happiness will dawn upon you if you say YES to LIFE, READ MORE

Stop Comparing

Comparison is death, Be yourself and love yourself as you are. A Mango tree is a mango tree, a Neem tree is a neem tree - they do not envy each other . God has made each individual Unique, there is a distinct plan charted out for each one of us. But when you start comparing yourself, you drastically decrease your potential to suceed.

Life is full of diversity. There are billions of faces in the world, and we do not find any two who are exactly the same. Similarly, no two minds are alike. Understand, that to differ is natural. However, at the root, all of us are one, just like a tree which has branches, leaves, flowers and fruits but all originate from the same roots.

Be Your True Self: Almost all of our life's energy is spent in trying to make people think of us that which we are NOT. That energy would be more rightly be spent in becoming what we would like to be.

Control Your Mind

Understand the nature of your mind, it will always make you restless/ unhappy by going in pursuit of what you do not have, just like a child who has a million toys - but cries for a new one without enjoying the ones he has. Learn how to silence your MIND

Whatever you do, do for your OWN happiness; never blame anyone or anything. The moment you understand "I am the cause for whatever is happening in my LIFE", your life will begin to tranform.

When we start blaming others, we ignore our mistakes, thereby failing to learn our lessons. This causes the same misery to come back again and again. When we accept responsibility for our actions, we look inward for our mistakes and move upwards in life.

Do not allow negative thoughts/ deeds /actions and your life will be full of positive energy and events. When you have only positive thoughts, the whole universe vibes with you.

Thought waves are Energy. The uncontrolled mind that dwells in negative thoughts creates unfavorable energy, which is very harmful to achieving your objectives. Ideas, thoughts and actions will work only when they are backed by positive life force/energy. You will have abundant energy if your mind is disciplined.

You have all that you need: Nature is full of abundance. Always expand your consciousness, you are born a KING, so do not act like a beggar (I want..I want..) - that shrinks your consciousness.

Less is More: Eat Less, Think Less, it will keep your body and Mind light, and you will always remain Happy and Healty.

Trust the Universe

The Universe only wants the best for you, and only those things will happen, that will propel you to improve and progress. Read this ebook on how to get rid of fear, worry and anger, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Worry and fear are therefore pointless - they only serve to decrease your energy level and make you miserable. Always entertain only Happy Thoughts.
Download Sirshree's Secret of Happiness BOOK Most misery emnates from Attachement and attachement develops because of wrong beliefs, read this beautiful book, Detachment from Attachment, Download now.

It is not You, that suffers: When you are standing at edge of a pond watching your reflection in the water, you do not panic when your shadow shakes with the water.

This is because you know that you are not the shadow. In the same way, your body is just the reflection, or shadow, of the real YOU. When this understanding dawns in life then nothing will be able to disturb you. Whenever you suffer it indicates that you are AWAY from your source. Stay at source nothing will affect you. Just like when wheel rotates there is movement on periphey but center of wheel is stable, so if you stay at center you will never be shaken.


If you do not water the roots, can you expect the tree to flower? In the same way, if you do not spend time with your Core Being (The Atman - your true self), how can you be truly Happy? For a few minutes each day try to turn all your senses and mind inwards.

Concentrate on your breath: Our breath is the bridge between our life force and our body. Meditate by following your breath as it moves in and out of your body, Mind is the master of senses but Breath is the master of Mind. As you gain mastery over Breath by doing Pranayama and meditation Mind gets automatically regulated and disciplined.CLICK HERE FOR MORE To see scientific proof of benefits of meditation see this video

Live in the Present: There is Nirvana (salvation) in each moment. The present moment holds the key to your future. If you can remain centered in the present moment, you will experience untold joys and all your sorrows will disappear. To read indepth on meditation CLICK HERE

Acknowledge the Greatness of the Universe

There is a power which governs the laws of this universe. You can call it by any name. Just to take the example - today if the speed of rotation of the earth increased by 2-3 times, what would happen if the Sun disappeared? Who is the controller? Knowing this makes you realize your size and place in this universe and this will make you humble.

A person who is ruled by his Head, will succeed in worldly affairs, But he will always have an emptiness inside despite having ample prosperity outside. Only those whose energies have moved to their heart, will reach the Kingdom of GOD - on earth.

Spirituality has been very beautifully explained on the basis of mathematics by Mr. Shrikrishna Kelkar. Read his article God is ZERO. Zero is the basis and 1-9 are Maya. One is always entangled in Maya. But there is no meaning if ZERO ( formless) is missing. Read this enlighting article to raise the level of your consciousness.

Yoga: Unity. If life is divided there can never be happiness/ progress. Thoughts, words and deeds should be the same (unity). Whenever there is division/ conflict, degradation will begin. Read MORE on how to get Happiness in UNITY


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