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Can Doctor Help/heal you ?

Everything you need to know about diseases, tests & drugs

Allopathy is only good for relief of acute symptoms, for all other chronic problems !
Try Reiki  : *** Homeopathy:*** Ayurveda: *** Yoga :

Remember !!! Your Health is in Your Hands.

First and foremost you must have basic understanding, this is an excellent simple paper to understand how our body works ....WHY DO WE  FALL ILL

Going to Doctor may be expensive and risky business (Risks of going to doctor), so take a careful considered decision. DO you know healthcare is very different in courtries where you/your insurance pays (USA, India) or the Govt. pays (Most European countries). If you are taking ANY medication on Long term Basis, it can be best described as SLOW suicide. LOOK on interent about Side Effects of medications you take Daily and you will AGREE with me.

More than 400,000 people die annually, in part thanks to avoidable medical errors....SEE REPORT

FAITH is a great Healer

Faith is of great importance, Placebo work wonders. Around one third of people who take placebos (believing them to be medication) will experience an end to their symptoms. This means even when you take a pill prescribed by your doctor (on whom you have great faith) 35% effect is placebo not of the chemical in PILL. .LINK HERE.

In Germany there is Government directive to prescribe placebo for chronic problems. . CLICK HERE

Any PILL that you take has side effects, please search internet for the side effects of the tablets that you take regularly. Simple routine pain killer can also lead to fatal damage and death ..CLICK HERE

CHANGE LIFESTYLE to Get rid of Disease

By changing life style your disease can be reversed, See this excellent article by leading doctor from USA CLICK HERE

Prof Hegde, retired vice chancellor of a leading medical university gives you deep insight into how health industry functions to your peril..CLICK HERE

You can avoid being victim of these errors by being better informed. Also read how Modern Medicine is Killing you

WHY Does One Fall SICK ?

It is Body s way of warning you, Either your MIND or YOUR Body or BOTH are having issues and you Need to sort it out.Majority of Diseses today are LIFESTYLE problems..So you may take medications to get immediate relief BUT unless you address CORE issues, problems will occur again. Look at the graphic below, it clearly outlines how to be and continue to maintain good health. Identify the issues and then deal with them and you will be fine.

  PAIN Relief.. "Meditation better than morphine"..says study done at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre in North Carolina..Meditation LINK


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General Health : In this section you can learn "How do I deal with a Medical problem?". Antibiotics: Are they really good for you? AIDS Window Period How good is it to get Obesity Surgery done, about maintaing Health and Fitness, Snoring could be a warnng sign of deeper issues and how Consumer Health education is of relevance to a patient like you....CLICK HERE

Women and Children In this section you can learn Tips on maintaining good health for women, tips on how to maintain your children's health. Find out what's good and what's not. Caring for New Born Babies, dealing with Thumbsucking Problem etc ....CLICK HERE

Teeth and Gums Know All About Your Teeth,Learn some basic facts about the strongest part of your body. How to brush and maintain your teeth, Tooth Pain-Read about the causes, the cures and prevention, Care for Teeth During Pregnancy, The Mouth Body Connection, and how it can become The Death Trap in your mouth and much more ...CLICK HERE

Complementary Medicine All about Reiki Healing method- a gentle, non-intrusive therapy, Siddha Medicine-The mother of all medical therapies, Ayurveda-Before you reach for those pills, try these home remedies to cure your ills, Homeopathy-system of medicine which works on the concept of high dilutions and Complementary Medicine MasterResource-Find plenty of links related to alternative therapies....CLICK HERE

Peace and Spirituality Which methods and techniques ..Apart from stress-relief, relaxation and peace, it fosters spiritual progress as well, If you're disturbed with the problems of life and looking for something reassuring to read, How to Quieten your MIND, Extracts from Bhagwat Geeta....CLICK HERE