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Best Source/Guide for ultimate LIFE STYLE

Live life KingSize, Health, Wealth and Joy is your BirthRight, provided you follow right "lifestyle" in simple words "live in Harmony with Nature".

The "Collins English Dictionary" defines "lifestyle" as a set of attitudes, habits or possessions associated with a particular person or group. Your lifestyle can be healthy or unhealthy based on your food choices, activity level and behavior. A positive lifestyle can bring you happiness, while a negative lifestyle can lead to sadness, illness and depression.

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Work ON all five layers of your body and you will always enjoy the bliss, See details below...

Outcome of Erroneous Lifestyles

Obesity and consequences

Snoring and Sleep disorders

Whether you are plagued by stress and difficulties, or are an active pursuer of Nirvana, this page has some insights to soothe and nourish your body and soul.

Human body is composed of five elements- earth,water,fire,air and ether. After body is burnt on average ashes will weigh about 58 gms. Ashes of trillions of humans is mixed in the sand below your feet and you do not even know it. To live a life full of satisfaction and joy you have to see that there is total HARMONY.If you are depressed/sad and looking for instant relief Click Here

According to Vedas human body is composed of five layers (Koshas).

  • Annamaya Kosha or Food body/Physical
  • Pranamaya Kosha or Life body/Energy
  • Manomaya Kosha or Mind/Mental
  • Vijnannmaya Kosha or knowledge body/Wisdom
  • Anandmaya Kosha or God body/Bliss
  • See the graphic below

    Each layer has certain properties and actions and manifestations, in the following sections we shall briefly discus problems with each Koshas and how they can be broght back in balance to enjoy good lifestyle.It is also to be emphasised that five layers are interlinked and disturbance in one layer also effects the other to some extent. All your actions effect these layers, for eg junk food will adversely affect Annamaya Kosha, smoking will adversely affect Pranamaya Kosha and so on. To have a life of balance all our actions should enrich these five layers, only then you would enjoy blissful life

    Annamaya Kosha or Food body- Its basic personality is Physical. Disturbance in this layer leads to stress/tension. Remedy is to relax and do asanas.proper exercise and proper diet help to keep this layer in harmony. During stress body releases harmones and though the stress causing situation might have been resolved, it takes body upto 24 hours to overcome the effect and return to normal state. The signs of healthy Annamaya Kosha are fitness, agility, stamina and endurance, FITNESS RESOURCES

    Pranamaya Kosha or Life body/Energy- Its basic personality is Life Force, it flows in energy channels or nadis and the chakras or energy centers in the body. Disturbance in this layer leads to undue haste/speed. Remedy is to slow down breathe slowly and deeply and practice pranayama so that life force can flow to all the parts and cells. The signs of healthy development of Pranamaya Kosha are enthusiasm, ability to use one’s voice effectively, suppleness of body, forcefulness in personality, perserverance, leadership, discipline, honesty and nobility

    Manomaya Kosha or Mind/Mental- Its basic personality is mental activity. Disturbance in this layer leads to agitation. Remedy is to calm down and practice mediation. For the development of Manomaya Kosha study of good literature including poems,novels, essays and articles is useful

    Vijnannmaya Kosha or knowledge body/Wisdom- Its basic personality is Intellect and emotions. Whereas at the third level, the mind functions as a stimulus/response mechanism, in the fourth sheath, one is able to understand and discern. Further, personal understanding permits us to look beyond personal roles and perceive the larger picture. This is the level of cognition, conditioning or de-conditioning of one’s core beliefs, the most deeply rooted of which is the ‘I’ concept. In Sanskrit this is referred to as the ‘aham’, from which springs the word ‘ahamkara’. Little wonder then that this is the seat of the ego. Disturbance in this layer leads to confusion and imbalance. Remedy is to be balanced and study scriptures and practice bhakti/devotion to almighty

    Activities which stimulate this layer include debates, problem-solving, study-techniques, small research projects, evaluation and appreciation of books, interviewing the eminent persons, all the activities make you go beyong your tiny self and give opportunity to idenfity with your fellow beings-your community members, your country and the whole world.

    Anandmaya Kosha or God body/Bliss- Its basic personality is bliss. Disturbance in this layer leads to disharmony in life. Remedy is to be in harmony with nature and with your fellow beings. This is the innermost of the five sheaths consisting of vasanas or desires. They exist in subconscious in which we exist during our deep-sleep-state of consciousness. It is considered blissful, because, whatever be the condition in which we are in our waking and dream states, once we reach, all of us experience relatively the same undisturbed peace and bliss due to the cessation of agitations experienced by us in the other two states of consciousness that are wakefulness and dream. The Bliss Sheath controls the intellectual Sheath, since the intellect functions under the control and guidance of one’s vasanas.

    Tatva Bodh is another very nice document to learn more about yourself and layers in human form READ HERE

    All such information about life itself is contained in Indian scriptures. If you wish to read more in greater depth you can have a look at HERE

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