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Siddha: A Divine, Practical Art

Dr. Ramesh Kabadia

Siddha Medicine


Disillusioned by the symptomatic treatment provided by allopathic medicines, more and more people are turning to alternative therapies for complete cure of chronic ailments. At this point, it is interesting to note that many of those, which have been relegated to ‘Alternative therapies’, are much older than the Allopathy system. Systems like Ayurveda were already established therapies before allopathy came into existence.

Recently, I had the fortune of coming in contact with Dr. Ramesh Kabade, a Siddha Medicine practitioner from Dharwad. He has successfully treated cases of chronic backache and gall bladder stones where the patient was scheduled for surgery. With Dr. Kabade’s treatment, the patient was relieved of the symptoms without operation and subsequent ultrasound examination showed reduction in the size of the stones.

Coming from a state home to several famous Ayurvedic doctors, I was curious to know how Siddha Medicine differed from other Medical Sciences. According to Dr. Kabade, Siddha Medicine is the mother of all Medical Sciences. You will find the essence of Ayurveda (plant extracts), Unani, Acupressure (sensitive points), Reiki (energy field) etc., in the theories of Siddha Medicine. Siddha Medicine utilizes plant extracts and metal oxides and chanting of mantra is done during the preparation of medicines.


‘Siddha Medicine’ means medicine that is perfect.. Nobody knows when it originated. It evolved when the world started from spiritual life. Vishwa Brahma Dutt meditated for 41,000 years. He could then connect and communicate with the elements air, water, ether, earth and fire, and also the plants. Subsequent men and women who dedicated their lives into developing the system were called ‘Siddhars’. They compiled the knowledge and left it for the future generations, without even mentioning their names.

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Mode of action

Siddha Medicine revitalizes and rejuvenates the organs, the dysfunction of which is causing the disease. This brings back normal functioning of the organs. It also maintains the ratio of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, thus maintaining the healthy state of the body. Since no artificial chemicals are involved, it doesn’t cause any side effects.

Diabetes is a common chronic ailment for which the patient has to take insulin to maintain the blood sugar level. It is very interesting to see how Siddha Medicine tackles this problem. It corrects the function of pancreas, stimulating it to produce insulin in the natural way, which in turn maintains the blood sugar level.

There are several special kinds of treatments, for e.g., a drop of medicine put in the ear can alleviate toothache.

In some situations, Siddha Medicine will bring about immediate effect, whereas in other cases, results start showing within 24 hours. Once the problem is solved, patient can stop the medication and he will be free from it for his lifetime.

Siddha Medicine doesn’t react adversely with allopathy. For e.g., if the patient is on allopathic medicines for diabetes, he can continue that while taking Siddha Medicine. As Siddha Medicine rejuvenates his pancreas and it starts secreting insulin normally, the allopathic medicine can be stopped.

Accident cases and surgeries

Deep wounds will be filled with herbs. The wound heals with regeneration of tissues, without leaving a scar. In cases of bone fractures, the patient is administered herbal extract that will make his whole bone structure spongy. A contoured bed that will support his body properly has to be prepared and the patient made to rest on it. In 24 hours, healing of the fractured site takes place as formation and union of fractured bones is faster in the spongy state. The patient can then walk away from the contoured bed.

Chronic ailments

Siddha Medicine is a boon for chronic ailments like arthritis and diabetes for which allopathy doesn’t have permanent cure.

It can help in sex selection of children; even the complexion can be tailored. Preventive measures are also available. If you have a strong family history of heart attacks, you can take medicine to strengthen your heart and guard it against an attack.

Herbal gardens needed

Majority of herbs needed for Siddha Medicine come from Himalaya region. Japan, China, Korea and some other parts of the world also supply them.

Since oxides are used, the medicines are costly. But they are cost effective especially for chronic ailments since otherwise the patients have to be on medication for the rest of their lives.

Discipline necessary

Since Siddha Medicine is about strengthening organs, a disciplined life style is necessary for the medicine’s effect. Smoking and alcohol consumption, which weaken the lungs and liver respectively, are strictly forbidden. So are the use of chillies, tea and coffee.


Siddha Medicine training is imparted in two colleges in India, one in Delhi and the other in Chennai.  

Disciplined life is mandatory to be a Siddha Medicine practitioner. You may not find a Siddha Medicine practitioner who smokes and drinks. He cannot remain successful if he takes to these habits. Because chanting of mantras is done while preparing medicines, he has to stay away from them. The mantras are learned by chanting them during ‘Brahma Muhurta’ i.e., 3.30 am to 5.30 am, and medicines are also prepared during that time interval.

After graduating from Delhi in 1991, Dr. Kabade started his practice in Dharwad from 1992. For further information e mail

About the Author:Dr. Ramesh Kabadia is an expert in siddha medicine and has treated over 3 lakh cases of a variety of ailments. He is available for consultations at Belgaum on Sundays. To contact him at is Dharwad clinic details are Dr. Ramesh Kabadia, Dhawale building, line bazar, Dharwad, Karnataka, India. Mob +91-9035123106, +91-9448443846 (call in noon time only)

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