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We have been publishing the newsletter for general dentists "Your Practice Builder" since 1996. It is a quarterly publication. It brings you articles to increase your knowledge and productivity which helps to build your practice. On this page you will find many  issues in the PDF format. You should download the Acrobat reader to read these files. Other articles are in the webpage format and you can read them directly.

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Read many many more articles in pdf format:

Jan  1999 - Application of biomimetic priciples in Cosmetic dentistry
Oct -1999- Articles on Light curing tech, Endo instrumentation, patient cooperation etc.

July  1999 - Gingival tissue mangement, carisolv, digital,photography,perio & pragnancy, Gluma and more

April 1999 -CAT scan, Condensible comp., endo series, Evidence Based Dentistry
Jan  1999 - Apex locators, caries vaccine, oral cancer, TMJ
Oct. 1998 - Digital X ray, back pain, endo series, carpal Tunnel syndrome
July 1998 - Amalgam ethic, caries II, endo series, Antibiotics
April 1998 - latest in caries, endo series, bad breath
Jan 1998 - Latest on Perio. trt. dentin hypersensitivity, lasers, endo series, ortho tips
July 1996 - Articles on bleaching and Amalgam alternatives

Right click on the link and then save the file- then open in the Acrobat Reader. Advantage of reading in this format is that the original format is retained. If you have any problems, let us know and we will e mail you the article.

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