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Endodontic Diagnosis

Correct dignosis is the first step towards the success in Endodontics. Normally focus is always on types of rotary files, irrigation, medications and obturation system used for root canal treatment. But remember without proper diagnosis and treatment plan you will have high rate of failure.

Critical questions to ask patient

How long has this tooth been hurting? (Helps to differentiate between acute and chronic.)

? Does this pain wake you up at night? (Endo pain does; perio pain usually does not.)

? Do hot or cold liquids make the tooth hurt? (Cold positive usually indicates some type of pulpitis while heat sensitivity can indicate a degenerating pulp.)

? Is the pain spontaneous? (Endo pain is mostly spontaneous )

? Does the tooth hurt when you bite down? (Indicates inflammation in the PDL;also indicates a necrotic tooth or an occlusal discrepancy)

? Have you had any swelling? (Can indicate a possible necrotic tooth.)

For sake of simplicity this process can be summarized in 13 steps.
  • Step 1: Chief Complaint
  • Step 2: Medical History, Medications, and Allergies
  • Step 3: History of Present Illness (Characteristics of Pain)
  • Step 4: Past Dental History
  • Step 5: Extraoral Examination
  • Step 6: Intraoral Examination
  • Step 7: Periodontal Examination
  • Step 8: Percussion Tests
  • Step 9: Palpation Tests
  • Step 10: Vitality Tests
  • Step 11: Radiographic Examination
  • Step 12: Other Tests, as Needed
  • Step 13: Differential Diagnosis

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Role of CBCT in Endo diagnosis

. When it helps to get a CBCT ...CLICK HERE

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Below is a Mind map to help you visulize the whole process, click on it to see the high resolution image